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Tattoos have been and always will be a touchy subject in mainstream cultures; the future doesn't have as much influence on tattooing as you'd think, probably because the issue of putting something permanent on one's body will always be taboo to many. While it's an interesting idea to tattoo important medical information on your body, most opt for a removeable method of communicating their medical information. A bunch of black text on one's wrist isn't something a lot of people would want. As it stands, a paramedic or doctor recognizes a medical bracelet and knows to look at it; tattoos aren't their viewing priority when treating a life-threatening emergency, and therefore any medical information that may be there has a very good chance of being overlooked. An interesting side note: In the case of animals, tattooing is often used to indicate whether a female animal has been spayed (many times a spay scar isn't evident, and the only way vets find out they're spayed is by opening them up all over again). Many animal shelters and vets use this practice to divulge this kind of information about their pets, but don't expect tattooing any information on human beings to be mainstream any time soon.

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Q: Is there any specific use for tattoos in the future such as medical warnings etc?
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