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There is a technology called brainwave entrainment that uses audio to alter or influence brainwave activity. Basically, you listen to a special audio CD with a pair of stereo headphones. In one channel a particular frequency is introduced, and in the other a slightly different frequency is played. The difference between the two signals is called a beat frequency. The developers say that the brain interprets this beat frequency, and causes brainwave synchronization at the beat frequency between the two hemispheres of the brain. There are a number of commercial producers of these disks. Hemi-Sync, HoloSync and Dr. Jeffrey Thompson are some of the more well known producers. I've tried them and found them to be very relaxing. Whether this is due to a measurable effect on my brainwaves I don't know but there is something happening when I listen. I prefer the Jeffrey Thompson CDs because they are more musical. Visit their websites for more info. There are also software packages that allow you to create you own brainwave entrainment audio. Yes. It's called the electric chair, and it makes the brain waves stop very quickly. I loved the last answer best but yes there is. It's called an alphawave inducer. Basically, a set of flashing lights that fill your entire field of view (that parts important) and that blink between 3 and 7hz. The blinking lights cause the brainwaves to sync with them. I've built one once using plans from an electronics mag and bought one that I use now for about $50. There are also high end devices (called NovaPro or something like it) that do the same thing for hundreds of bucks. And yes they really do work. Great for relieving stress or getting rid of a tension headache. The first one I built was a set of swim googles with leds in the center of them and a rubber coating poured over them. The electronics was a quick 555 timer circuit run off a 9 volt battery. Nothing complicated.

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Q: Is there any technology to control the brain waves?
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What is the kind of impulse that goes to the brain?

The impulses that go to the brain are called brain waves. These waves are what allow the brain to think, reason, tell the body what to do and where to go, and to function properly in general. Oxygen is required for these waves to reach the brain, and for the brain to respond to them. A person who is not breathing, for any reason, is preventing these very important waves from reaching their brain to keep it alive, and has about 6 to 10 minutes to be recusitated before their brain cells begin to die. The dying of brain cells can cause temporary or permanent brain damage depending on the severity.

How many brain cells do you lose from technology in your life?

There are no known technologies that can kill brain cells, or neurons, directly. You are no more likely to lose neurons from technology than any other object.

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respiration is breathing, so like any other organ your brain needs oxygen in order to function.

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I mostly think it is human brain waves which has the capacity to aquire signals from any regions of the universe

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Not with any modern medical technology. Perhaps in another 50 years or so we may be able to do this.

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After the death of human, I think there will be no heaven or hell and no Judgement Day. There will be nothing like we have heard from others. Death will be the end of the human body and all the memory and signals of human brain will be transformed into energy in the form of electromagnetic waves in such a way that it can't work as a brain only to think or to dream without any sense, which we say is the spirit. This brain waves will show us dreams and our thoughts, whatever we want or think will be implemented in this waves brain and we will think that we are in heaven or hell. If somebody will not be satisfied by his life and did not good things in his life according to his thoughts he will think about hell and will not be able to think of goodness or heaven so continue to thinking it again and again, and if somebody did good things in his life then he will think of Heaven and goodness in his brain waves. He will be in like a dream and whatever he will want will be given to him because it is his own thoughts. This concept is shown in many religions as spirit of man. which is also the memory of a person with his brain waves. It will also include the habits, nature and intelligence of that man. What ever stored in the neurons of the brain and on our genes will be transformed into some kind of electromagnetic waves which then will not require the body and will act as a brain to dream only........ After few years we will see that there is also a connection between humans in the form of electromagnetic waves. We can explain any thing to any one with the help of these waves....The human brain is the most powerfull in the world. The one who made us, whoever so called a God did not explain us what ever we can do. If we think on our self and study the brain and its use then we will be able to do every thing in the world.

What are negatives of microwaves?

Any wave can be cancelled by a wave of the same frequency and magnitude, but with the opposite period. These anti-waves completely cancel out the original wave. Noise-cancelling technology in newer headphones uses this same principle with sound waves, but all waves have similar principles.

Why do reflexes juat happen?

because they occur in the spinal cord and not the brain so you don't have any control over them.

What percent of the human brain do most humans use?

There is a wide-spread myth that humans only use 10% of their brain. While no hard percentage has been published, studies of the brain and imaging technology reveal that almost all of the human brain is being used at any given time.

What are the properties of electromagnet waves?

electomagnetic waves are transverse waves... electromagnetic waves do not need any medium to travel

Are there any exercises that can help you to control your brain?

Meditation, chi gong, biofeedback, prayer, and counseling or life coaching are some alternatives.

Can light waves diffract as any other waves?

Yes even sound waves diffract

Did Poseidon's trident give Poseidon any special powers?

Poseidon's Trident did give powers, for example he can control the waves and size, time and width of them!

What does brain tumor affect Does it affect any other part of your head or brain parts Is there any cure for that?

How does a brain tumor affect the Brain?

Are there any bones in the brain?

not in the brain itself

How do sound travel through the brain?

The same way it travels through any other semi-solid object (like, say, Jell-O): As a train of compression waves.

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Seismic waves are any waves that travel through the Earth. As such all earthquake waves are seismic waves, however not all seismic waves are caused by earthquakes.

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It is called the 'Cerebellum', it is very important and vital for any specie, including humans.

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Any kind of radio waves receptors.

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How does brain affect your behavior?

Your brain is 'you'. All of the social norms, affectations, habits, right and wrong judgements, risk assessments, etc that you undertake on a second by second basis are entirely controlled by your brain. Everything that you do and all that you are as a sentient being is controlled by your brain. Ergo your brain is your behaviour. Any damage to your brain has the potential to cause lasting changes to any aspect of your physical and mental health. Brain injury can result in physical immobility through damage to the neurons which control movement and changes to the way your brain processes sensual inputs and deals with mental stimulus. Any brain injury can disrupt or completely change any aspect of your behaviour, from the basic assessment of right and wrong all the way through to subtle changes in humour. Your question 'does your brain affect your behaviour' is a bit of a misnomer, your brain IS your behaviour - any thing which affects your brain may affect your behaviour.

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Examples of transverse waves would be light waves, seismic waves or any other type of electromagnetic wave.

What are Example of transverse waves?

Examples of transverse waves would be light waves, seismic waves or any other type of electromagnetic wave.