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I see no meaning for it to be a mandatory subject. It does not help adding up a bunch of letters!

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What is the meaning of college algebra 1?

define the meaning of the college algebra

What is the meaning of the algebra term monomial?

any number or variable or product of numbers and variables

What is the meaning of term in algebra?

A term is a single part of an expression or of an equation in algebra.

What is the true origin of algebra?


What is the name of algebra that deals with logical propositions which are either true or false?

Boolean Algebra deals with binary math (that is, true or false.)

How is Algebra used?

Algebra is the human perception of true math, which is any calculation...It's used everywhere almost all the time, whenever you count or add, or anything else math related.

Is it true that if you are good at algebra calculus physics and engineering will be difficult for you?

Yes, that is true.

Where can you find College algebra and trigonometry student guide?

Answers for Give Me The Full Meaning Of College Algebra

When is an equation a true statement and when is it a false statement?


What are the boolean constants in the boolean algebra?

true and false

What is the meaning of rcs in algebra?

Rectangular Coordinate System

What is the meaning of Justifying steps in algebra?

Show your work!!!(:

What is a number that produces a true statement?

An example of a true statement in algebra is x=x

Uses of Boolean Algebra?

Boolean Algebra is a type of math in which the values of the variables are true and false. The algebra is the basis for digital logic, computer programming and mathematical logic.

Is geometry ahead of Algebra 2?

In many schools, Geometry is considered one grade-level lower than Algebra 2. It goes Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and so on. Note that this is a generalization, and may not be true at your school.

Is it true that if you are good at algebra you will fail calculus?

No not necessarily so.

What are the importance of boolean algebra?

Boolean algebra is an area of algebra in which variables are replaced with 1 or 0 to indicate true or false. This form of algebra became the basis for binary computer programming used in digital electronic development.

What are the different types of algebra?

Different types of Algebra are:Algebra over a field or more generally algebra over a ring.Many classes of algebras over a field or over a ring have a specific name: Associative algebraNon-associative algebraLie algebraHopf algebraC*-algebraSymmetric algebraExterior algebraTensor algebraIn measure theory, Sigma-algebraAlgebra over a setIn category theory F-algebra and F-coalgebraT-algebraIn logic, Relational algebra: a set of finitary relations that is closed under certain operators.Boolean algebra, a structure abstracting the computation with the truth values false and true. See also Boolean algebra (structure).Heyting algebra

What numbers are used in Boolean algebra?

Boolean algebra uses the numbers 0 and 1 to represent statements which are False and True respectively.

Is there is any difference between -algebra and operator algebra?

Only the word "operator"

What language did algebra originate from?

The word "algebra" came from the Arabic "al-jabr," meaning restoration. But algebra itself came earlier from India, the ancient Babylonians, Greeks, Chinese, and Egyptians.

What has the author Daniel W Snader written?

Daniel W. Snader has written: 'Algebra, meaning and mastery' -- subject(s): Algebra

What is the meaning of algebra expressions?

An algebra expression is 2 or more terms which does not contain an equality sign as for example 2x+y-3z

Do you have to algebra to be an EMT?

If you're asking if it's extremely important to be skilled in algebra, no. However, I doubt any place would accept someone who failed or didn't take any algebra classes.

What is boolean alzebra?

If you mean boolean algebra, in mathematics it refers to the subarea of algebra. In boolean algebra the values of the variables are based on true and false (truth values), denoted as 0 and 1 respectively.