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Q: Is there any waterfall on the ganges river?
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Does the river Ganges have waterfalls?

Yes, the river Ganges has a waterfall at the source of the river!!

Does the River Ganges have a waterfall?

somewhere probably

Does Ganges have any waterfalls?

Where the river starts. I think but you may need to look into that a bit more. but i think that it is some sort of waterfall but just not a big one.

Is there any wildlife in the River Ganges except for the Ganges River Dolphin?

yes. there has been a tiger walking in the start of the river

Why is the Ganges river so sacred to Hindus?

Ganges is very sacred & holy river for Hindus. It is a river from heaven, it is so sacred that any sin committed can bee washed away by the water of Ganges.

Is there any settlements on the river Ganges?

yes there are settlements on the river Ganga

Is there any transport in the river ganges?


Does the river ganges have any tributaries?


Does the river ganges have any gorges?

yes, it does.

Where is the Ganges river?

The Ganges river is in India

What is the mouth of the Ganges River?

Ganges Delta, Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh

How old is the Ganges river?

the ganges river is your mom

How is the Ganges River used?

how is the Ganges River used

What is the name of the river Ganges in India?

The Ganges River.

What river is the Ganges Dam located on?

the ganges river...

Where is the river mouth of the river Ganges?

The point at which the river ganges enters the sea

What is the definition of Ganges river?

Ganges River- a major river in northern India.

Does the Volga river have any waterfalls?

Yes the river Volga does have an waterfall and it is usually found in the mountains (but I know one thing it definitely has a waterfall!)

What animals live on or in the river Ganges?

the ganges river dolphin

In which country is the river ganges?

The river Ganges is in India and Bangladesh.

What animals will you find in the river ganges?

Ganges River Dolphin

Is the River Ganges saltwater or freshwater?

The Ganges River is freshwater.

What river is the ganges river in?

The river Ganges is not in a river but, its a main river its self. So it is not in a river and never will be!

What is the difference between the Brahmaputra river the Ganges river and the Indus river?

Ganges is in India and the Brahmaputra isn't.

Is there any shark in ganges river?

No but there was a species of dolphin once,