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2007-08-26 22:40:04
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Q: Is there any way a guy can tell if a woman is lying about how many guys she has slept with?
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She slept with a married man and she slept with 5 guys on the first date cheated on her boyfriend slept with two guys in one day and she cant count how many guys she been with is this bad?

yea dats bad

How many guys has jenna jamison slept with?


What should you do if your girlfriend lied to you about how many guys shes slept with just to get with you but confesses that shes slept with more guys now that your together?

If you care about her then nothing. She told you the truth and you should appreciate her honesty, even if it was belated.

How can a guy know how many guys his girlfriend slept with?

The only way to know for sure is to ask her.

How many cubic inches is in the canal?

Depends on how much the woman in question has slept around.

Is there a test to see how many guys a girl has slept with?

Yes, a polygraph is better than 95% accurate with a skilled examiner:)

What if your boyfriend lied to you many times?

If he's lying to you at all, you should leave him, there's plenty of guys out there for you.

How many guys has destany jahnke slept with?

well yuhhh noe.. yuh will never ever noe how many ppl has violated my bestie destany jahnke. ♥erin♥

Straight woman likes gay guys?

Many straight women like gay men.

How many pages does If Death Ever Slept have?

If Death Ever Slept has 186 pages.

How many partners a woman can have in a single intercourse session?

Answer I saw a porno once where a woman took on three guys, more than that I don't know.

How many people do women kiss in a lifetime?

Alot. There all lying, fake, conniving little demons that kiss at least 50 guys a lifetime is my guess

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