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Can your eye function without the retina?


Why is the retina dependent on glucose?

The cells of the retina need glucose to get energy through a process called cellular respiration. Without glucose to the cells of the retina you can't see and the cells of the retina can't function.

Why is it important for your eye to contain a lens?

Without the lens in your eye you can not form a image on the retina. As the retina is kept at a fixed distance you change the thickness of the lens to get the image on the retina.

What is age-related macular degeneration?

macular degeneration (AMD). It is a progressive condition affecting the retina. The macula in the retina distinguishes detail. Degeneration in the macula could cause scarring and a gradual reduction in vision.

What is the icd9 for benign lymphoma of the retina?

224.5 Benign neoplasm of retina; abnormal growth of the cells without malignant charateristics.

Does MacBook Pro with retina display have the same hardshell case as MacBook Pro 15 without retina display?


Why is and image that falls on a blind spot invisible?

The blind spot is the point on the retina where there are no receivers i.e. no cones or rods, and the reason there are no cones or rods is because this spot is where the opic nerve teminates in the retina. No receivers, no signal to the brain.

When the image of a distant object is brought into focus in front a a persons retina the defect is called?

Myopia or near-sightedness.

What is a retina in the human eye?

The retina is a very thin layer of cells lining the back of the eye behind the viscous humor. This is where the cells that convert light to neural impulses are; without the retina, you would be blind.

Do MacBook Pros have HDMI outlets?

The Macbook Pro with Retina display does have an HDMI port. The Macbook Pro without Retina display do not have a HDMI port.

What controls the thickness of the lens to help focus light on the retina?

It is detected by the retina and 'thickness' varies as it is a reflex action; it cannot be controlled. Basically, 'you' cause it without knowing so.

Why would an object become invisible from low power to high power?

The object becomes invisible from low power to high power because the focus of lens are different. So though the image is intensified the rays don't fall on the retina unless the distance is corrected.

What happens to a persons eye when they look up close at something?

Muscles change the shape of the lens in your eye to make sure the image is at its best on the retina

What does a concave lens move?

A concave lens moves a farsighted persons image of something close onto the retina. It is curved inwards, like the inside of a cave.

Where is the retina?

The retina is in the back of your eye.In your eye.

What is a dog's retina?

The retina is part of the eye

Are there blood vessels in the retina?

The question is invalid, as "their" is a misspelling. It implies the ownership of a group of persons' blood vessels. It should read "there". The correct answer then would be "yes". Roy Olson

What kinds of cells are missing from a person who is colorblind?

Some or all of the 3 kinds of cone cells (sensitive to red, green or blue light) in the centre of the persons retina.

How do lenses in eye glasses help correct a persons vision?

The lens helps direct incoming light so it hits in a single point directly on your retina. For people who need glasses, light does not hit the retina perfectly making it hard to see close up or far away.

Can mace blind you?

Yes! It has a highly toxic chemical in it called Argonoxide which can cause the inner retina to dry and become useless. This retina allows you to percieve crude images. Without it, light particles can not enter the pupil.

Which area of the eye contains photoreceptors?

the retinaThe retina

What is the treatment for a torn retina?


Where on the body will you find the retina?

you will find retina on eye.

Can you die of a torn retina?

You can not die from a torn retina.

Lens is part of retina?

No. Lens is in the front of retina.