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Hope that the president signs another amnesty bill. Otherwise, why not just obey the laws of the U.S.? That was rude. I (different person) heard you could with a lawyer. Please consult the website United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,, for information pertaining to the individual's specific circumstances. You could before 2001; not anymore. Yes there is. The only way is to marry a US citizen.

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Q: Is there any way that an illegal immigrant may become legal without leaving the United States?
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Can an illegal immigrant get legal if he has a kid born in the United States?

No, that just means that the child will be a US immigrant. The illegal immigrant will still be illegal.

What is a United States alien?

An illegal immigrant.

How can an illegal immigrant marry another illegal immigrant in the United States?

One illegal immigrant is able to marry another in the United States. However, it does not change the immigration status and actually could lead to deportation because of the paperwork filed with the state.

Can you marry a illegal immigrant from Bulgaria?

Yes, an illegal immigrant from Bulgaria can get married in the United States. An American can choose to marry whomever they want.

In what states can an illegal immigrant get a drivers license?

For sure in Georgia

Can a illegal immigrant give birth in the United States?


How much does an illegal immigrant make per hour?

Nothing, there illegal, they cannot work in the United States

What does it take for a non us citizen to stay in the states?

Get out illegal immigrant, out now!

If your boyfriend and you want to get married and he is not a legal citizen can you still get married?

It is legal in the United States for an illegal immigrant to marry a US citizen. Once the marriage is legal, the illegal immigrant becomes a legal immigrant and can stay in the US for the course of the marriage.

Can a illegal immigrant take his son to Mexico if hes a US citizen?

The illegal immigrant can take his United States citizen son to Mexico; however, it is highly likely that the illegal father will be detained at customs due to his lack of citizenship.

Can you get deported for a misdemeanor?

The guy who said that if you're an illegal immigrant with a misdemeanor, you get deported is wrong. It depends on which state you live in. Democratic states are more likely to let an illegal immigrant go simply by paying the bail charges. In a republican state, the illegal immigrant may not be so lucky (I don't know the answer for a republican state).

Where can you get information on where you can marry an illegal immigrant?

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

Is skateboarding without a helmet illegal?

It's illegal to skateboard without a helmet in some states.

If an illegal immigrant dies in the United States what happens to any property heshe might own - for example if heshe had written a will would the will control?

Yes, a will is a will regardless of wether the person was a legal or illegal immigrant. As long as it was executed according the the laws of the state it is being probated in and the will is allowed by the court, their immigrant status should not matter.

Can an illegal immigrant sign a child's birth certificate if they are fifteen year old?

no... you have to be a legal citizen of the United States Of America

Is it illegal to drive a car without a horn?

In states where cars have to be inspected it is illegal. In the UK it is illegal.

Can a us citizen have two immigrant wives?

No because that is paligamy and it is illegal in the United States wheather or not the wives are in two different countries or not, it is still illegal to practice paligimy in the U.S.

What states allow marriage to an illegal alien without deporting them?

The United States deport illegal aliens. You could not reveal that he/she is an illegal alien and use a different identity

Many Mexicans are leaving their homes in Mexico to work where?

As illegal immigrants in the United States of America.

Is it illegal not to have a photo driving Licence?

Yes, driving without a license in the United States is illegal.

Can you marry an illegal immigrant if I'm a us resident?

Yes. a lot of states accept their ID of their country. I know how to get a passport if they are from Mexico.

Can you marry an illegal in Texas without him being deported?

It is possible for a U.S. citizen to marry an illegal immigrant if the immigrant has valid identification. However, marrying a citizen does not automatically confer permanent resident status or citizenship and is not a guarantee that the person will not face deportation. Such situations are assessed by the USCIS on an individual basis, for more information visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website at

How many states could you drive to from Ohio without leaving the US?

All 50 states.

Can an illegal immigrant get married to someone on an H1B visa and obtain legal dependency status?

If we are talking about a modern country it is possible but difficult. Even not being an illegal immigrant it can be difficult to get legal dependency status. The reason being is that the country that you are trying to will try to prove that you are not marrying for the reason of getting citizenship. You will have to make an convincing argument. Also you cannot have a criminal record, so if you are caught being an illegal immigrant than you have just about screwed up your chances. It is harder to leave places such as the United States, Australia, England etc than it is to get in (without a legal visa)

Can you get a state ID as an illegal immigrant?

In most states the answer is no. The reason is that either a birth certificate or a passport or military id is needed to get an identification card.