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no but if you dont have any and you have the internet on your phone to download them of the internet cost

The dsi can get on the internet but you would have to download the application called Opera Web Browser. It is free and only take a couple minutes to download.

Download Internet Explorer wouldn't take much time but takes about 30 minutes to 1 hours for the update normally.

The download depends upon your speed of internet. A person having a good download speed can get it over a matter of minutes.

It depends on your internet connection, for example, with my intenet connection, it would take about about 12 minutes, because my internet download speed is about 750kb/s and the download it approx 500mb. Try downloading something small, go to Google and type in '7zip download', download it and see how fast you get, then divide 500000 by your internet speed, that how many seconds t will take you, then divide that by 60, and that's how many minutes it will take you.

It only took my laptop around 10 minutes to download. It depends on your computer and internet connection. Fast connections will download it quickly, hours may take much longer.

50 minutes if your ds works slowly with the internet but if it's fast it takes 20 to 30 minutes hope that answers your question

Not very long at all under 30 minutes at least i would say about 10-15 minutes

Just reset your internet modern by closing and re opening it

It really depends on your internet speed. anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours.

About one or two minutes, depending on your internet connection. You'll need to download it from your computer, then copy the file to the Kindle using your USB cable.

Like, 1-2 minutes for one song, and around 10-20 minutes for an album depending on how many songs, and your internet connection

With software You can download speed bit accelerator for you tube. Manually When video play and start buffering you should wait few minutes and play again.

It depends on you internet connection and how busy the site is when you go to download. I've had updates take up to two hours and others just minutes.

It really depends on how well connected to the internet you are. You can always test the download speed of your internet by using the speedtest website.

mIRC is an internet chat utility for use on Windows Operating systems. The program can be downloaded in less than 7 minutes with a 20MBPS connection.

The download depends on your internet connection... If you have at least lets say 1mbps and Shaiya is about 5GB? This would be about 1hour and half! 5000 seconds = 83.3333333 minutes This would be about 1hour and half....

Approximately 17 hours, 45 minutes ! Total bits to download = 8 x 10 x 1024 x 1024 x 1024 = 85899345920 Download speed (bits/second) = 1342177.28 Total 64000 seconds = 1066.667 minutes = 17.77 hours !

Google Minecraft and it should be your first link, buy it, then download it online. It takes about 5 minutes if you have a fast internet connection.

Your download time will depend on exactly which version you want, and the speed of your internet connection. Most versions are between 100 and 200 megabytes, so a download on a reasonably fast DSL line should take 15-25 minutes.

That depends on your connection speed and the download speed of your internet. Also, how much information is contained in the update. Download and installation could last from ten minutes to eight hours.

If you are downloading from the internet, it depends on your type of internet connection. Cable modem is usually pretty fast. 23 MB would be done in less than a minutes. If you have dial-up, it will take over 7 minutes. It also depends on your computer. So, to really answer this, you would have to provide all these variables.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour or more. For me, it has taken 12 hours and is still not finished... For me it says 499 hours remaining!!!!!!!!!(I have the worst internet ever)

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