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Absolutely!! When your period is late, or even when it's not late but you may have had unsafe sex, and you are worried you are pregnant your mind can play some mean tricks on you. There is only one way to find out if that is the truth or not...TAKE AN HPT (home pregnancy test)! Most hpts can tell if you are pregnant on the day of your missed period and some even before the time you are 2 weeks late it should definitely show up on an hpt.

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Had pregnancy symptoms and was a week late both tests were negative Now have my period but mostly clots not really bleeding I am afraid it's miscarriage any thoughts?

More than likely if the pregnancy came back negative then you were not pregnant but in some cases a woman's body can reject the baby in the first trimester usually before she knows she pregnant because of some chromosomal defects. This is no indication that you were pregnant, miscarried, or are not pregnant. Over the counter pregnancy tests are good for telling if you are pregnant, but are not so reliable for telling if you are not--that is they can show a false negative. Your best course of action would be to see your doctor. If for nothing else than to set your mind at ease.

How teen pregnancy can be improved?

Teen pregnancy can be improved my spreading awareness. Telling your friends about how to have safe sex is a great way to prevent teen pregnancy. Knowing the facts about sex and how to not get pregnant.

You took two pregnancy test and both say positive and lately you been having mild pain in your lower stomach could this be an infection or your pregnant and you not really late yet with your period?

If you had two positive pregnancy tests, then you are more than likely pregnant. Your body produces a hormone when you are pregnant that is only present during pregnancy thus showing positive tests. You should see your doctor about the pain, you could have something else going on. Pain is the body's way of telling you something isn't right and it shouldn't be ignored especially if you are pregnant. You are probably pregnant. On rare occasions you can encounter a false positive due to improper testing, expired pregnancy tests, rare medical conditions such as certain types of cancer, evaporation lines, a recent pregnancy or a chemical pregnancy.

My friend missed her last period and she has all the symptoms of pregnancy but she's a virgin is she pregnant?

I would consider the fact that, if she's telling you that she's a virgin, she is lying. Don't tell her that right out but suggest the two of you go to a clinic so she can get tested and see what happens from there.

What does it mean when you take three pregnancy test in a dream and they are all positive?

It's telling you that you're pregnant. I've had dreams similar to that.

Can your nose become bigger when your just two weeks pregnant?

No. Nothing about sex or pregnancy (or telling lies!) can cause your nose to grow.

What are showing statements in grammar?

In writing, there is a difference between telling statements and showing statements. A telling statement states a fact, such as that it was cold. A showing statement would illustrate that by, for example, describing how everyone was shivering.

How do you know it its a phantom pregnancy?

When you have had negative urine results, negative blood tests, negative ultrasound and clear on vaginal ultrasound, an exam by your OB/GYN telling you uterus is down low and normal then slap yourself. When that much medical science says you are not pregnant then you are not or that chances are so slight it would be miraculous. A person must make a decision to except what has been proved by all test including no hcg in the body. When you except this the lie you have believed that you are pregnant is exposed and symptoms disappear. Even if you have one or two more symptoms you ignore them and you body will stop the nonsense for a phantom pregnancy.

I had two test that showed i was pregnant. but now they are telling me i may not be?

yes, you have to see your practitioner to establish pregnancy. pregnancy tests only measures your hcg level but it doesn't tell if your pregnancy is intrauterine. There are so-called ectopic pregnancies and it's not determined by home pt's.

Can you have surgery when pregnant?

It very much depends on the surgery. In general, elective surgery should not be done during a pregnancy. Emergency surgery, such as appendicits, gall bladder attack, trauma such as in a car accident or a broken bone, sometimes needs to be done inspite of a pregnancy. If you are pregnant and are contemplating elective surgery, certainly your doctor needs to know that you are pregnant. Do not go into any surgery knowing you are pregnant without telling your surgeon.

How pregnant do you have to be before telling the doctor?

You have to be at least 2 weeks pregnant.

Do parents object to teen pregnancy?

Yes, I would say that a very big majority is not happy when their teen comes home telling them she's pregnant or that he is going to become a father.

How do you know your girlfriend preagent?

Have her take a pregnancy test or two. Also, if she misses a period or if she smells/tastes different "down there", she might be pregnant, although those aren't very reliable signs of pregnancy. Good luck telling her parents, you fox.

Could you be pregnant if your period is 12 days late and you had a tubal ligation 11 years ago?

There's really no way of telling take a pregnancy test and if it says your pregnant or not just go make an appointment with your doctor the best way to settle that.

Is there another way of telling if you are pregnant after depo because with your first child pregnancy tests didn't work?

Hiya! Yes there is. You need to have a Quantitative blood pregnancy test done. You have to see your doctor for this test and it can be done 5 days after conception has taken place.

Why is my boyfriend obsessed with pregnancy?

There is no telling if he is more interested in sex and using pregnancy as a lure for you or if he just wants to get pregnant with you. In this case, make sure your birth control method is taken care of by you, so that you have time to sort this out. A baby is quite a responsibility to take on with a boyfriend.

You have no symptoms of pregnancy other than a late period can you be pregnant?

Maybe. Every woman experiences different symptoms of pregnancy -- You can think of it as every newly conceived baby telling his/her mother hello in a different way -- so having "no symptoms other than a late period" isn't a good indicator. It is very normal for women who are naturally cycling (i.e. not on the pill) to have some variation in their cycle length. If you exceed 21 days from the day of ovulation (day of most cervical fluid) you are almost certainly a new mother. You could also loosely say you're likely pregnant if you go a week past your previous longest cycle without a period. If so, there is wonderful news -- you have been gifted with an irreplaceable part of the next generation. Congratulations!!!! And, obviously, if you do end up having your period you are not pregnant.

Can you get acne when your pregnant?

Yes, acne is common in pregnancy. You tend to have acne during pregnancy because of all your horomones. It's just a way of your body telling you that hey you are pregnant break outs will go away after the baby comes. Just clean your face throughout the pregnancy. If you don't see a change after the baby has come you may want to go to your local family doctor, or dermatologist. Good luck!!

What does expostition mean?

Simply telling the reader about something. As showing is better than telling exposition is often kept to a minimum.

What is a showing sentence?

Telling and Showing Sentences- This means that everything is described in a straightforward manner, using a few plain words.

Could you be pregnant after having a period but still showing all the signs like breasts are sore discharge bloated tummy?

indeed this happened tyo me i got pregnant at 17. yes prego with twins now there running around. but it could also be just something else if you wanna check buy a pregnancy test if positive go to your local clinic to feel better don't keeep it to your self once you now not a good idea you never now a complicated pregnancy i r egret not telling my mom it was easier once i told her

What stops your period during pregnancy?

during pregnancy hormones are released telling your body you are pregnant. Your body is smart enough to know that if you are pregnant you shouldn't be able to get pregnant with an additional fetus. You no longer release eggs from your overies. the blood from your period is the protective lining for the baby, So the blood will continue to build over the months. After giving birth you bleed all that blood. This is the only purpose for your period. when your body says"i'm not pregnant" you get your period, the blood isn't needed.

Could you be still pregnant if your home test comes out negative and you get your period?

Yes, you could still be pregnant. Home tests are only 50% accurate in telling you whether you are or not when it comes out negative, but if it comes out positive then it is 99.9%, because there is a hormone your body produces only if you are pregnant called hCG but it can be very low at first in some women and a home test usually only picks up on it when it reaches 20+. I would concentrate more on the period. Was it a normal period? If it was an abnormally short or light period, chances you're pregnant increase. If it was a normal period, than that combined with the negative results on a pregnancy test probably mean you're not pregnant, but if you're having symptoms, you should still be careful and healthy, because its rare but not unheard of to have your period while you're pregnant and get negative pregnancy tests while you're pregnant.

When can you find out the day you fell pregnant?

There is no way of telling what exact day you fell pregnant. From intercourse it can take up to 3 days for the egg to get fertilized and then another week until it has implanted itself in the uterus wall. 2 weeks after sex you can get a result on the pregnancy test.

You have taken five at home pregnancy tests all of them say im pregnant so you went to two different health clinics and both of them are telling you the test is negative?

go to your local hospital and have them do a blood test