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If the motor voltage is 240 you can hook 240 to any two motor leads then put a switch and a capasitor in series from one leg to the other motor lead.once motor starts open switch,the motor will be rated at 58% about 8.7 hp.Another way to do this is if you have another 3 phase motor the same size or larger ,hookup 240 to extra motor any two leads hook leads from motor to air comp start contactor.Turn shaft on extra by hand it will srart which will make a third leg "3 phase" I know this is working on a three phase wheel balencer for the last 8 years i don't believe i would want to "hand spin" a motor on a compressor... a bit hazardous! another factor here is the direction of rotation as most compressors are sensitive to this. the starting current on a motor of this size and the service it is in quite large, the best bet would be to find a replacement single phase (220V.) motor (matching rotation, speed and starting torque). one could always use a rotary phase converter, but this is a spendy and involved way to do the job.

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Q: Is there any way to get a 3-phase motored 15hp 120 gal compressor to work on any kind of residential hookup?
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