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Is there any way to help stop an adult from rocking their head back and forth while watching television or is it just a habit?

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2006-12-11 21:35:48

If there is no medical or mental reason as to why the adult

rocks their head then yes get the mind off it. It is a habit

probably had all of the person's life. So it will take time to

break such a hard long habit. Try giving the mind something else to

concentrate on. Try A stress ball, that can been squeezed instead

of rocking the head, and try telling the person to squeeze the ball

every time they catch them selves rocking. It could be an

unbreakable habit like shaking your leg when nervous or biting

nails. Just takes time and dedication to want to break it. Stress

Balls can be found at some drug stores and all Sporting good


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