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ya, there are like pills/tablits u can take for faster hair growth

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โˆ™ 2006-04-11 07:30:06
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Q: Is there any way to increase hair growth on your legs and arms without any surgeries or procedures?
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Increase in body size without change in shape?

The increase in body size without change in shape can mean a few things. This could just be a sign of growth.

What term implies an increase in body size without any important changes in shape?

the answer is growth, Hole's Anatomy Text

What is the increase in the size of Cells without Cell division?

This growth occurs during G [growth] phase; it is found before the M [mitosis] phase.

Is it possible to increase one's height?

It is only possible to increase one's height if there was a medical condition inhibiting growth in the first place or a person has not finished growing. There are also rumoured surgical procedures to help lengthen a persons legs.

It is possible to increase a fish growth with magnetized water?

it is possible to increase a fish growth with magnetized water .

Population increase where the rate of growth stays the same but numbers increase at an accelerating rate?

Exponential growth

Growth is defined as?

Permanent increase in dry weight accompanied by permanent increase in size and volume.

Do Bacteria Affect Plant Growth?

It increase plant growth.

The increase in bone diameter is called what growth?

Appositional growth

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An increase in stem length is an indication of growth in plants.

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No, circumcision does not increase the growth of the penis.

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It is due to the increase in the amount of cells. The growth of single-celled organisms is due to the increase in the size of the cell.

Increase in size of an organism?


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Economic growth is represented by an increase in demand for products and therefore, an increase in employees being hired.

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fertilizer will increase the growth of agae because fertilizer helps plants grow and algae is a plant.

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In general, growth refers to the incremental increase in size.

What can chemicals do to plant growth?

They can stop growth, increase it or make no difference at all.

Does high testosterone levels increase facial hair growth?

goat blood and horse radish are known to increase facial hair growth

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You can't increase it. Your DNA determines how tall or short you will be.

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increase in the growth rate of sales

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Cell increase in no and size for growth and development.

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How dose sunlight increase plants

How do you increase height without using any medicines?

You can't really increase height without using any medicines, this is because your growth hormones that are secreted at the time that they are secreted with the amount that is secreted is actually in your genes. So you're height is destined because it is in your DNA.

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Get taller parents

Increase or growth in formation of cells?