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Any stimulus that is picked up by the afferent receptor nerves bring information to the brain, then it is integrated and processed. So far, another avenue has not been found to directly insert information to the brain without it going through this process.

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How does your brain tell time?

from programmed information processed by learning, usually rote learning.

How do brain connections affect learning?

Because the connections in the brain are what makes your brain work, without connections there's nothing to process or indicate, the process of learning is severely affected by these connections, and if it weren't for them, well, my name wouldn't be Mr. Science 8=D~>-|o

How does a personal computer process information?

A personal computer process information through its processor, the "brain" of a computer.

Why do people with dementia have difficulty learning new information?

theyre brain is unable to thnk. Like theyre brain has shrunk

Sensation is the process of?

picking up information and relaying it to the brain

What is a audio visual learning disability?

A learning disability is a term to describe specific kinds of learning problems. A learning disability can cause a person to have trouble learning and using certain skills. Researchers believe that learning disabilities are caused by differences in how a person's brain works and how it processes information. Therefore an audio visual learning disability would mean that they have trouble processing information through auditory methods and visual methods they would however be able to process the information through hands on methods also known as tactile methods.

What affects the way you process information?

The structures, connections, and physiologyof the brain affect how you process information, as well as does your experiences and the degree and quality of their storage in, access by, and associations within your brain.Any damages and malfunctions in parts of the brain or the connections between them or with the biochemical process that relate to sensory processing and associations can affect information processing.

Why is symmetry beautiful?

easier for our brain to process information related to symmetry

What region of the brain will affect your ability to process visual information if damaged?

Your occipital lobe will affect your ability to process visual information if damaged.

What is reaction time process?

The reaction time process is the time lag between the stimulus and the response of the brain. It deals with the mental operation through the structure of the mental activity. It also studies the ways by which the memory retrieves information gathered through learning and retention.

What age do I start brain training my baby?

Brain training basically just uses different aids to accustom your child's brain to the learning process. Different techniques are used to introduce basic instructions.

Why do dolphins have bigger brain than humans?

They don't. Although a dolphin brain is much smaller, it can process a comparable amount of information compared to a human brain.

What is reverse learning theory?

Reverse learning theory is one that states the brain sifts through information stored during the REM phase of sleep. Essentially, it means your dreams comes from information you take in on a daily basis.

Importance of eating the right food?

It is so that your brain can think and process the amount of information it needs to process. Your brain wears down when you consume some of the junk foods you eat everyday.

Does Music Affect Learning of Students?

Yes music greatly affects the learning of all people. Without getting too technical the predisposition of the brain for learning depends heavily on the brain wave patterns, Alpha and Beta waves. Music is believed to be a stimulant for the production of Alpha waves which are activated when the brain is in a non stressed state. Alpha wave activity in the brain permits the chemical encoding of information to occur in a context that the brain recognizes as beneficial. This is in direct opposition to Beta wave activity that is generally stress based where the brain acts on the limited information or stimulii it receives to react to the stimulii.

What the part of the brain that makes learning possible?

Learning requires many different functions of the brain, also depending on what you are learning, you may learn by watching, being cognitive, hearing, or reading and so on. But memory also delves into the learning process because learning is also retaining the knowledge. In order to get a specific answer you should look up what portion of the brain is responsible for memory, seeing, hearing, and so on in order to get an answer to a specific topic your thinking of since it varies :D

What is meant by information overload?

When a person has information overload, it means that they receive so much information at one time that their brain cannot process it all.

How does the brain retrieve information?

nerves in your body transmit the info to your brain but many other systems are involved in the process. But that's the main one.

What is liquid intelligence?

Liquid Intelligence is process of teaching information to a person's brain using sound, color, and vibration. An attempt to copy is technology was introduced in Eastern Europe in the 1940's using music and chanting called Super Learning.

Is there a Brain scan 4 learning dissabilities?

No. A person with a learning disability may have an anatomical brain anomaly, but learning disabilities per se are not a reason to have a CT scan.

What has the author Mary Claycomb written?

Mary Claycomb has written: 'Brain research and learning' -- subject(s): Brain, Research, Aims and objectives, Learning disabilities, Physiological aspects of Learning, Learning, Education, Psychology of Learning, Physiological aspects

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