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Is there any way to know if you are pregnant without taking a test?

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The signs vary from woman to woman. But most women claim to just "feel pregnant". Some signs might be cramping, a brown or reddish tinted discharge, feeling tired, nausea. Unfortunately there is really not an absolute sign to tell if you're pregnant without taking a pregnancy test.

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you need to miss your period or have a pregnancy test to know you cant not test without these!!.

You don't. The only real way to know that you are pregnant is to see your Dr and have a blood and/or urine test preformed.

Nothing. You either have to take a home pregnancy test or see a Dr.

You cant know without taking a test to check for HCG. If you have an ultrasound scan the baby can be seen, later the fetal heart can be heard by Doppler, and later still the baby can be seen moving.

You know if you've pregnant while using the contraceptive implant by taking a pregnancy test.

Yes you can... Accept for taking a test, there's no way to know for sure that you are pregnant. Some girls went all the way through the nine months without ever knowing.

Until your belly starts to swell (around the 3rd month) there's no way to "know" without taking a test.

You would know if you are pregnant without using a pregnancy test by checking the vagina,and sticking your finger up through your vagina,and then If it tastes like cheese,you are pregnant.

has your period come yet? if it has your not pregnant if it hasn't then you are (but take a test just to be sure)

* Morning sickness * No period when there should be * Cravings * Stomach getting bigger * Feeling the baby moving

You may suspect pregnancy when you experience pregnancy symptoms. However, you can only know that you are definitely pregnant by performing a pregnancy test.

There is really no way to tell for sure unless you take a home test or one at the doctors. If you think you're pregnant, you should take a test.

By taking a test. If you are not trying to get pregnant the birth control pill can help you getting regular.

You would know if you're pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test can be taken from two weeks after intercourse and doesn't require you to know when your period should have started.

There is no way to tell if you have AIDS without taking a blood test. You can not rely on the symptoms only to determine whether or not you have HIV or AIDS.

you stop bleeding or you bleed a tiny bit

By taking a pregnancy test. They can buy one online or at a supermarket or chemist

pregnant* wait until you are supposed to get your period... see if you do. If you still dont know then wait until you get cramps/your stomach stretches/morning sickness. or you could just get a test and/or go to your Doctor If you dont want to/cant/or are afraid you could go to PPH

were to buy a ged without taking the test

In theory what you just siad makes no sense at all because you dont need a test if you know your pregnant as the first part suggests.