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I beg to differ with what others have said. There is three mail addresses that I know of, none e-mail as of yet, although I am looking out. If you would like the three possible addresses, please request it in an e-mail to =]



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Isaac Slade is the lead singer for the famous rock band, called The Fray

no the Fray is not a British band They were born in colorado.

The band, The Fray, was formed in 2002.

Yes. Three of the four band members of The Fray are married.

The fray is a much better band than one republic..... one republic is a good band just the fray is better

The band, The Fray, was formed in 2002. Their self-titled album, The Fray, was released in February 2009.

He was originally the drummer for a band that Isaac Slade and Dave Welsh were in; they disbanded, Isaac met future guitarist Joe King, they wrote songs, then Ben, Dave, Joe, and Isaac formed The Fray.

Louis Tomlinson's favorite band is 'The Fray'.

He played with lead singer Isaac Slade and guitarist Dave Welsh in a band while they attended school together. They disbanded, but then reformed with another classmate, now-guitarist Joe King, which is now The Fray.

No, The Fray is an American band. It consists of four members - Isaac Slade, Dave Walsh, Joe King and Ben Wysocki - all from Denver, Colorado.

He likes the band 'The Fray' (:

The Fray are most famous for their song 'You Found me.' The Fray are an American rock band formed in 2002 in Denver, Colorado. They are currently still together and active as a band.

There are four band members in The Fray - Isaac Slade, Dave Welsh, Joe King and Ben Wysocki.

THEY ROCK! Thats why. =] hahah. no fail.I think The Fray is such a good band because their lyrics are intentional and speak to a deeper level of emotion than most. That's my personal opinion.

Harry - Coldplay Louis - The Fray Liam, Zayn - N Sync Niall - Westlife

No; when they first started out, they said they didn't want to be a christian band.

Robbie Williams and his favourite band are the fray

The Fray is a not Christian band, but they play on Christian radio stations and their songs are not bad. They're like semi-Christian.

Louis' favorite band is The Fray. An artist they would love to collaborate with and feel is very influential on their band is Bruno Mars.

The Fray is a piano based rock band from Denver Colorado. Some of their most notable somgs are "How to Save a Life", "Over My Head (Cable Car)" and "You Found Me"

The band was "The Fray". You can listen to the performance on YouTube.

i dont know all of them butIsaac is 27 and David is 25.

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