Is there any way to make sure that an abuser will not follow through on his threats if you don't fight him tooth and nail?

Please go onto Type in: What is the Cycle of Abuse? You need to read how an abuser thinks and acts and why they do these things. Some men come from an abusive environment (and some women) and some men have had experiences in life where they become so frustrated with life and life's situations they become abusive and some men are just plain mean to the bone. Abusers are about threats, violence, getting even with their victim and yes, they can well follow through on their threats. Abusers like total control and even if the victim allows themselves to be controlled it's never good enough. They simply become the lashing post for a very mentally disturbed individual .. the abuser! Abused women can contact Mental Health to find out where their local Abused Women's Centers are. If the victim decides to set herself free from her abuser then she is placed into a "safe house" (the abuser can't find them) and she will be expected to take programs on abuse and how to become her own person and realize the danger signs of abusive men and women. She will also get legal counsel for any court case that may come up against her abuser (if she wishes to press charges) and if children are involved the counselor will also go into court to help the woman fight for full custody of those children. Women or men should never be treated with mental/physical abuse and we are all free to make our own choices. Relationships are about being not only each others lover, but best friends and it's about honesty, respect, and encouragement. Living in fear is worse than being in prison. At least in prison you have a schedule to follow and know if you do something wrong you will be punished, but if you keep your nose clean you may make it out alive. With abused women it doesn't matter how they act because it just will never please the abuser. Good luck hon Marcy