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Yes, it is called juvernille boot camp or prison for youths who do not want to stay at home. Being 15 is hard. I left home at the age of 12 to live with other relatives. It was only a good thing because I was being abused, if this is not happening to you try to compromise with your legal gaurdians or parents. It is tough but in the long run you will notice that all the rebelling you do is just because you are a teenager and that is something every person goes through in life. I am now a mother of 3 and my oldest is on his way to be 14. I try to understand his side only because I was that age too. Many parents fail to see that they were this age once and tend to forget the things they put their parents through. What comes around goes around. So how ever it is you are acting more than 99.9% sure they did the same too. Get emancipated

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Q: Is there any way to move out of the house when you are fifteen?
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