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Answer: not menstrating regular at 12If you are not pregnant... Now, I'm not assuming that you are sexually active, but here are some of the things that I learned either indirectly or on my own.

☼ Don't let some stupid boy tell you that you can't get pregnant the first time, or that if he doesn't ejaculate inside you that he can't get you pregnant. Oh, he can.☼ Don't believe him if he doesn't want to use a condom. He doesn't deserve your sensuality.☼ Drinking anything, smoking anything, or eating anything will not make him sterile, anything short of a vasectomy (the surgical severing/removal the vas deferens). Most, if not any young guys have not thought of such things, nor would they want any sharp objects near their soft parts.☼ Taking "the pill" will not prevent you from getting pregnant. My mom was on the pill and had me and three other kids while "on the pill" it will not sterilize you, it will only make your cycle more regular so that you know when you ARE most fertile and when to abstain from action.

-Your body is still maturing, you might not be having a "regular menstrual cycle" just yet

-Severe stress, -sometimes physical abuse (and the emotional stress resulting from it), also -horomonal imbalances may trigger you to start your menstruation early, then balance out and have none at all.-eating disorders (such as anorexia or bulimia (sp?)) will cause your body to suspend your menstruation cycle.

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Can you stop taking your birth control pills after having menstrual period?

Yes. You can stop at any time, but that is usually the easiest and the way the causes the least irregular bleeding.

Is a period lasting one day be considered a period?

Many types of birth control pills make a period very light, some will stop having periods completely. It is normal. If you are having any other symptoms that seem abnormal, consult with your health clinic or doctor.

Are there any diseases that can stop a period?


Wot can you do to stop having any more kid?

First, educate yourself and learn to spell. Then stop having sex.

What does it mean if you just started or just ended your period but now you can't stop vomiting?

Usually periods do not have any connection to vomiting. If you just started or just ended your period but now you can't stop vomiting, it may be that you just happened to catch a stomach virus around the same time as having your period.

Can having no period make you gain weight and keep it on?

no. i don't know if there is any correlation between having periods and losing weight. i know that some birth controls will make you gain weight, but they don't necessarily stop your period. i just went off birth control after being on it for 3 years and the entire time i only had 2 periods!! but, i stayed exactly the same weight.

Is there any records of a girl having her period while pregnant?


Hii want to ask any doctor or any specialist about grownth up Is there any chanc that a girl 21 yrs old can still grown up after having regular sex almost for 2 yrs need help plzz im too short?

No, you will not get any taller. Girls stop growing about 2 years after they get their first period. Sorry.

Is there any way to stop your period without medication?

im 11 and i just started my period i hate going to school when im on it how can i stop it without taking birth contral or any medince

What illness can make your period stop?

I don't know about any illnessess that can make your period stop, but if you exercise way too much, or are under-weight, your period may become very light or even stop. It is not healthy for your period to stop, so make sure you are paying attention to your health if this occurs.

Can you start working out and miss a period?

Yes any form of extreme exercise can make your period stop.

Can losing weight cause regular periods even if you have an IUD and stopped having periods for the first 2 years?

I am not sure but this just happened to me. I have had an IUD (Mirena) for 4 years and had not been having any periods. Recently, I lost almost 40 lbs and now I am having a regular period.

Can you get pregnant a week after having your period?

Yes. You can get pregnant at any day during your cycle, including when you are on your period.

Is ovulation possible without a period If so how?

This is a tricky question to answer because your period can only come after you have ovulated. So, if you have not been having your period and are not pregnant then you are not ovulating. BUT ovulation could start at any time, with a period following two weeks later. For example, some women do not ovulate (thus stop getting periods) when they are stressed. When the stress lessens the body may then allow them to ovulate, and they will get a period. If you ovulate and do not get pregnant then you must get your period, however you can also get your period without having ovulated.

What is the definition of decade?

A period lasting ten years, or any ten year period.

Can you shower with having your period?

If you have your period and you go in the shower.. your period will stop until you get out of the shower. I don't know why, but you can't have your period when you're in water. ** Your period can and will continue when you are in water! Taking a shower will not hurt you while you are on your period. True, it doesn't actually stop.. but for most young ladies, the flow doesnt come out in water. This does not mean that you should rely on water to stop your period.. if you ever go swimming, make sure to use a tampon.

When to stop taking contraceptive pills after 3 years of using it?

You can stop at any time. If you just want to stop because you have been on them 3 years you don't have to. You can be on the pill for years if you wish.

Is it ok if you get periods at ten years?

you know it's young, and sad for the people that do start it at that age. And you know doesnt matter, because any age you can start it, and also if you do you stop your period at 50 years old

Missed period next period is due but i still havent ejaculated on im not pregnant want my period to come as im having fertility treatment and can only start when i ejacualte how can i bring on period?

there is no way you can make your period come but if you are on any medication maybe you should consult your doctor on whether you should stop and if you dont have good fertility it might have something to do with it

I have barely any blood and I'm on my period and the blood i do have is browny black why is this?

that means your period is about to stop and get sum pantie iner

Is there any over the counter medicine that will stop your period while your on your period?

no, but depovera will decrease your cycle to 4 per year

Is there any natural way to stop a period coming?

The period is not controlled voluntarily as it is under the control of hormones. Things that will stop the period include pregnancy, birth control pills, or hormonal imbalance. There are no natural ways to prevent a period from taking place.

Is there any possibility for pregnancy while having period?

You can get pregnant at any time whether your on a period or not as sperm can survive in a females body for up to 7 days!

Can a girl already 2 months pregnant get pregnant again?

hell no are you a retard? i mean serously you dont even have you period any more it imposible! No, a person can not get pregnant while they are already pregnant. Because the person would stop ovulating and having their period

How many leap years are there in 200 years?

200 divided by 4 that is 50 leap years Any 200-year period has either 48 or 49 leap years, depending on whether or not the period includes a year that is evenly divisible by 400 (any 400-year period always has 97 leap years).