Is there any way to strengthen your psychic abilities?

The best way to strengthen your psychic abilities is to use them. Similar to a muscle, this sort of thing needs to be exercised to be effective.

Start by picking up a journal, and making daily observations about what you perceive as a psychic ability that you are displaying.

At first it is not necessary to try to control your ability, just to document its existence.

The most common physic ability is precognitive awareness. So, when you get a "feeling" that something is going to happen, write it down in as much detail as you can and date the entry.

Then later when an event you "thought might happen" appears, write down a full description, compete with time, date and people who witnessed it, if any.

Later that day or the next, search your journal for the entry you made when you had the "feeling" and compare the two.

It is essential that you not "fudge" your answers, so write in ink, sign and date each entry and keep as many as you can. Then cross reference the "feeling" with the event.

Don't worry if you didn't get it exactly right, very few people do.

Eventually you will start to know "real" from "kind of" predictions and you will be on your way.