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Is there any way to test to see if the fuel pump or fuel pump relay are bad on a 1998 GMC sierra 1500 pick up?


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2004-11-22 21:28:17
2004-11-22 21:28:17

If you look far and wide, you can get a pressure guage to check fuel pressure. Pumps are notorious for going out on these vehicles. And since it is located inside the tank, you will have fun replacing it.


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The fuel pump relay on a 92 gmc 1500 is located on the passenger side of the firewall behind a black plastic cover.

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Its on the firewall on the left side above the motor. If there are two relays there, the fuel pump relay should be the one on the left.

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The 2014 GMC Sierra-1500 runs on flex-fuel (FFV).

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it is under the upper intake manifold, if you have a vortec engine

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gmc 1500 sierra was fuel injected in '92

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