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Is there any way to use a Cingular phone with Verizon?

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Nope. Totally different Technology. Verizon uses CDMA and Cingular uses GSM CDMA carriers have better coverage in the United States, GSM service has a larger global footprint There ARE Hybrids out there. I think Samsung makes one. But I'm assuming the question has more to do with NOT buying a new phone if you don't have to.

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Can you use a cingular sim card with a Verizon phone?


Can you get a cell phone from Cingular and use it on a Verizon plan?

No; the networks used by Cingular (now AT&T) and Verizon Wireless are incompatible.

Could you get a cingular phone and have a plan from sprint?

No. Cingular/AT&T use the GSM network and Sprint uses CDMA. A Verizon phone could be used with a Sprint plan but Verizon customer service will have to give an unlock code.

Can you use a Verizon cell phone with cingular plan?

No, you can not use a Verizon provided phone on a Cingular network, unless it is an unlocked phone. Most of cell phones you get with service provider (e.g. Verizon) plans and deals are locked to that particular network and can not be used with another service provider's network unless you unlock the phone.AnswerAlso - Cingular (now AT&T) is a GSM carrier and Verizon Wireless is a CDMA carrier. Each uses different cell phone technology making them incompatable. You can use an AT&T phone and switch it to a go phone once your contract runs out or visa versa. Sometimes pay as you go phones are the best option.

I have Verizon and im getting cingular can you use the same number from Verizon on cingular?

you can request a "port" of your current Verizon to another carrier. There may be a additional fee involved to cover the cost of the transfer.

What network do Cingular and Verizon use?

AnswerGSM (Global Systems Management) Cingular also supports TDMA technology but it is the "old" technology...Wrong... Cingular (AT&T) uses GSM, but Verizon Wireless uses CDMA

Can you use a cingular pay as you go sims card on a Verizon phone?

Verizon phones do not work with SIM cards. My Blackberry curve is Verizon, which doesn't use SIM cards but there is a slot for a SIM card so I would imagine you could.

Can you use an alltel phone with Verizon?

You can use any phone in the merging areas as long as it is a Verizon phone or an alltel phone. Alltel with Verizon or Verizon with alltel. works both ways. visit Verizon website to see if your area has merged.

Can a Motorola ROKR E1 from Cingular be put on a Verizon plan?

No, this phone cannot be used on Verizon's plans because the phone is tied to Cingulars service and is a GSM phone, whereas Verizon's network is CDMA, and cannot use the phone. Even if the phone is "unlocked", it will not work on Verizon.

Can you use any cell phone as a go phone?

You can use any cell phone with the AT&T or Cingular logo on it as a Go Phone, but not any other phone without the specified carrier's logos on it.

Can you take the sim card out of your cingular phone and use it in a nextel phone?

No you cannot, but you can use it in an UNLOCKED T-Mobile phone. Cingular and T-Mobile work off the same network which is GSM and this allows you to switch phones. I have T-mobile but the phone I am using right now is an unlocked cingulart phone. Nextel/Sprint and Verizon work off of the CDMA network and this is why you cannot use it.

Do I need to use Verizon phone service for the Verizon cordless phone system?

The phone will work with any home phone provider such as Sprint or AT&T.

I have a pay as you go cingular phone can i use any cingular phone preferably a better more stylish phone and just switch sim card?

Sorry, you can't. Hopefully someone will invent that sooner or later!

Can you use a cingular sim in a t- mobile phone?

If you are trying to use the T-Mobile phone with your Cingular SIM, and maintain your Cingular service, you will have to call T-Mobile to get a Subsidy Unlock code, and unlock the phone to be used with Cingular's service.

Can you use multiple chargers for a cingular phone razor?

If you own a Cingular razor charger you are stuck with the charger it comes with or a replacement charger. The charger it comes with is the only type of charger it can use therefore you cannot use any other type of charger with the Cingular razor.

How do I use cingular gps tracking?

You can use cingular GPS tracking by signing up for this service with Cingular. You need to sign up with them when you sign a contract for cell phone service.

what is a cingular wireless 8125?

The cingular wireless 8125 is a cell phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard. Use of this cellular device must be done through Cingular Wireless, which is a mobile phone service.

Is it possible to take an i phone or any other phone with another company and use it with Verizon wireless?

Not an iPhone because an iPhone uses different technology than Verizon. Any phone with a cdma receiver should work on Verizon Not an iPhone because an iPhone uses different technology than Verizon. Any phone with a cdma receiver should work on Verizon

Can you use a Cingular SIM card in a Tracfone?

On GSM Tracfones, if the phone has been unlocked a Cingular SIM card can be used. If the phone is a CDMA phone, no SIM cards can be used.

Can you use unlocked phones on Verizon?

Yes, if you have a phone unlocked to work on any CDMA network it can be activated on Verizon Wireless. Keep in mind Verizon Wireless can not offer any trouble shooting or warranty on said phone.

Is it possible to use a prepaid Cingular Sim card in a Razor phone?

Yes if your Razr is from Cingular or unlocked. You can not use a T-Mobile Razor with Cingular prepaid sim card or Globaltravellersim prepaid international sim card unless your phone is unlocked.

Can I use any unlocked phones on the Verizon network?

You can use unlocked phones ONLY if they are phone models sold by Verizon. Other phones are not allowed.

Why cant Verizon wireless users use myxercom for ringtones?

Verizon wireless users can use myxer to get ringtones i use myxer to get stuff for my phone (i have a phone from Verizon wireless).

Can unlocked cell phones be used with Verizon wireless?

unfortunately most Verizon phones do not use a sim card. However any Verizon phone that is called a World Phone not only uses Verizon but you are able to put a sim card in it.

Is there any way to reprogram a Sprint used cellular phone for use on a Verizon cellular plan?

It is possible to operate a spring phone on a verizon network. This depends on the actual model of phone to do so.