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Yes, female mices can get along once they get used to each other. Introduce the mice outside the cage first and see how they get on. If they don't fight try this: clean the cage you are going to put them in very well (to get all the 'mouse' smell off it) and then put the female mice in the cage together at the same time. As this cage has been cleaned it should be neutral territory and therefore the female mice should not fight. If they do fight you might want to consider houseing them in different cages.

2006-09-11 04:11:33
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How can you get your male and female rabbit to get along?

Put them in separate cages - you will never be able to 'make' them behave around each other in the same cage.

Can two female adult hamsters be in the same cage as the newborns?

it depends on what kind of hamster you have but i prefer not

Can you have two female budgies?

yes you cna keep two female budgies in one cage they get along very well

Does a female and a male gecko get along together?

A female and a male gecko will get along but if you put two male geckos in the same cage as one gecko, they will fight over the female possibly leading to one geckos death.

What do you do if your cockatiel is mating?

If you have another bird in the cage, whether male or female, you should remove the other from the cage permanently, unless you are breeding them. In which case you would removed any other males from the cage.

Can you put a baby and an adult guinnea pig the same cage?

Yes as the other one will take on a motherly/ fatherly role but if one is female and one is male then when the younger one can mate, they will mate.

Can you put two female gerbils that are not sisters in the same cage?

It can be dangerous if two female gerbils are introduced. The split-cage method should be used and the females should be young. The split-cage method isn't always guaranteed to work, but if you're patient it is possible that the two can get along.

How do I know if my budgies like each other- I think they hate each other?

Well how are they acting together? Are they both female? Because if they are they normally don't get along. Did you introduce them gradually or just throw them in the same cage? Because if you did then they want get along introduce them gradually!

Will your female bearded dragon lay her eggs if there is another female in the cage?

no it won't they compete against each other in a fight.

What do you do if your guinea pig climbs on your other one?

If they are male and female, and you do not want the female to get pregnant, then IMMEDIATELY take the male out of the cage and put him in a different cage for a few hours. If you WANT the female to get pregnant, then just leave them alone.... And if they are both males, then it's trying to show the other one that it is dominant. If there are two males and one female, GET THE FEMALE OUT!!!!!!!!

Do male and female rabbits get along?

Keep them in separate cages. If the female is pregnant, she will need a quiet place, with her cage some distance away from the male. Yes male and females can fight i have a male and female, THEY ARE DEFFINATLY MALE AND FEMALE and they fight they don't like each other at all its just what happens unfortunatly..

Is it OK to have two winter white dwarf hamsters in the same cage?

NO! If you put them in the same cage they could fight and one of them could end up killing the other. But if its a male and a female and you want to breed them you should make sure the female is in season by smelling her fur. If the fur has a very strong urine odor then she is in season and is ready to mate. ONLY put the female in the MALES cage or the female could kill the male if the male is put into her cage. Only put the female in the males cage for about 20 minutes.

Why when you put fluff in your hamsters cage one of the females started to attack the other female hamster?

they are fighting over it . the one female does not want the other one to get it

Can a female and a male gerbil live in the same cage?

Placing a female or male gerbil if they are not familiar (Family. prior cage mates) could be fatal in other words gerbils are territorial unless they are familiar. But a familiar male and female can be placed in the same cage but no matter if they are family or not and odds are they are they will mate and have pup's.

Can bearded dragons live with other bearded dragons?

Male and Female beardies should not live together unless they are mating, but you can have two females living together. You can usually have many babies together. If the beardies start to fight do not let them be together!!! If you have an adult and a baby I recommend putting them in separate cages that are near each other, but the beardies can see each other. If you do not want another cage you can put an adult and a baby together, but you should put something up in the cage so that the baby can have privacy from the adult. It is not okay if the adult hurts the baby on purpose. If that happens Separate them.

Is there any way you can put a parakeet with your 5 yr old female lovebird?

Yes, we had 2 lovebirds and a parakeet which were all in the same cage. They were all female and one of the lovebirds was the mediator between the other 2. The mediator lovebird passed away and the parakeet and other lovebird get along perfectly.

Can i keep three adult female leopard gecko's in the same cage?

yes. just don't put a male in there or put any males together

Can you hause tho fimel gini pigs in the saym cage?

You can definitely have 2 female guinea pigs in the same cage. Just be sure they are closer in age and get along well before housing them together.

Did John Travolta and Nicolas cage get along during face off?

No they hated each other.

Do guineapigs get along with each other?

Typically, guinea pigs will get along with each other. You can keep more than one guinea pig in a cage. However, there are some guinea pigs that do not get along with others.

Why is your hamster when you put fluff in the cage for the 1st time she starts to be mean to the other female?

if they are in the same cage two female hamsters tend to fight anyway. but if they didnt before the they proberbly both want it and are fighting over it

Can you put two males and one female in the same cage for breeding purposes?

This is not advised. The males will fight for the female and can hurt each other and the female. Put one male with the female at a time.

Should a pregnant female mouse be separated from her cage mates?

Yes we had a pregnant mouse who was in a cage with 7 other female mice, so we put her in her own cage. When she has her babies, she will make a nest for them so make sure there is plenty of bedding. If you do not separate them the baby mice might be at risk, although a pregnant mouse can be kept in the same cage. If her babies are in the cage with other mice, she might nip and bite the mice to protect her babies though

Can two hamsters live in the same cage?

We have had two female hamsters in the same cage for a year now. They squabble occasionally, but get along for the most part. Sometimes they even sleep together as one furry ball.

Can 2 female hamsters be in the same cage?

Yes, why can't they be in the same cage