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Only if you have being here since around 1970 (give or take a few years, can not remenber the exact year). Or maybe if you were in the US around president Reagan's 1986 amnesty (I do not know if you can still do it if that's the case). Otherwise if it's not thru a parent or sibling (older than 21)legally in the US, it is preaty much impossible.

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Q: Is there any way you can become legal in the US if you came here illegally at a very young age?
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How do Mexican immigrants become American citizens?

That totally depends on if the immigrant is legal or illegal. if the came on a visa they can do an adjustment of status. if the came illegally the must have a potion by a relative and then they will most likely be subject to a 10yr bar. after serving the 10yr bar they can reapply.

Where do I start if I want to sponsor my mom who came to the United States 22 years ago with a 3 month visa?

If your mother is currently in the U.S. illegally, as a family member you can petition for "adjustment of status" and if successful get her legal alien status (green card). After she has a green card for 5 years, she can become a US citizen. I would strongly advise anyone who is illegally in the US and wants to become legal to consult an immigration attorney. If she has successfully remained here for 22 years, you don't want to risk having her deported because you messed up an attempt to make her legal.

Why are some immigrants illegal?

Because they came here illegally.

In Enrique's journey how many immigrants came to the US illegally?


What are the legal actions if an illegal immigrant marries to become legal but does not reside with that person and gets caught?

The illegal immigrant will most likely be deported to whence they came.

Can a young teenager who came to the US when he was little with a visa and overstayed apply for a learner's license?

You can, but, you may get deported if your not legal to be in the States.

How can an illegal immigrant become legal through marriage to a US citizen?

you have to be married for a certain length of time I believe. Is it worth it? Most of us are complete jerks. First off the immigrant has to have come in legally, if they came in Illegally marriage can't help. You have to be married for at least 2 years, after 2 years you can apply for citizenship.

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Can an illegal immigrant become legal if they came here because they fear for there life from spousel abuse in there country?

No - it doesn't matter what their home-land circumstances are. If they've entered a country illegally, they will remain an illegal immigrant - liable to be arrested and returned to their country of origin. If they were in that much fear - they should have claimed asylum after travelling to the destination country legally.

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What if immigrant came to the US on a visitation visa and never left?

They are here illegally and breaking the law

If you are a citizen who just married your wife 2 days ago and she does not have an I-94 can you apply for her for a green card?

If she came in legally, you can file for her greencard. If she came in illegally, she will not be able to get her greencard without leaving the country. I am assuming that your wife entered the US illegally otherwise she should have I-94. A person who marries a legal foreigner can definitely apply for her/his greencard, but has to take the first steps which is AOS, EAD and advanced parole. If your wife is an illegal alien, consult an immigration lawyer.

How can you deport someone who came in as a tourist and stay in this country illegally?

Report them to immigration with as much information as you can about their location and work.

If a Canadian citizen in the US on an H-1B Visa marries someone who overstayed their Visa by 4 years how can that person become legal?

no depends were they came from

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How do i become a resident if i was brought into the United States at a young age?

depends what age you came at if your 13 when you came you have to wait somewhere around 20 yrs. samething with 14, 15, 6, 4, 67, etc.

How do you become legal if you came to the US illegally as a baby?

Currently, the only way would be through marriage to a U.S. citizen AND getting a I-601 waiver approved at the U.S. embassy/consulate of your original country. You would be required to travel to the embassy/consulate in your original country, and once you leave, if you have been illegally in the U.S. for more than a year, would be banned from entering the U.S. for 10 years. If the I-601 waiver is approved, then you would be able to return to the U.S. as a legal resident- if you are denied, like i said, you would be banned for 10 years. Note that the I-601 waiver process can take anywhere from 3-18 months before a decision is made by the embassy/consulate.

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Can a 17 year old illegal alien from Mexico that came here with a permit many years ago get a green card?

If anyone has an answer please let me know. My son-in-law married my daughter who came over at age 14 with a working permit. his permit expired a few years ago and now how can he become legal? I would appreciate any help as he is a good boy and we want him to become legal. Thanks

If you have been married to an illegal resident from Mexico for three years and have a child is it possible for your husband to be deported and what rights do you and your child have concerning this?

call USCIS at 1-800-375-5283 and talk to a represenative there. You dont have to give them specific information but they can instruct you with what you can and cannot do. If your husband is illegal, meaning he came to the United States illegally, he can be deported, even if you have been married. Marriage does not make am illegal immigrant legal. In order to become legal he would have to file forms with INS or USCIS. The above number can also give you more information on that.

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