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Is there any way you can have a family take your child until you have the means to care for your child?


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A parent may give temporary custody of a minor child/children w/o using court procedures. Temporary custody is legall defined as three (3) months or less. The parent must supply the attending adult(s) with written authorization (preferably notarized). It should include the date the care is to begin and end, permission for the child/children to be enrolled in school and receive medical care, and the terms of financial support (if any). The parent must keep in contact with the custodial adult and the child/children on a weekly basis, preferably by personal contact, if that is not possible they should call or write at least once a week. The parent should also be certain that the custodial adult knows how to contact them at any time. Even following these guidelines will not ensure that state social services will not intervene, if the situation comes to the attention of authorities. Any time frame longer than three months, will need a legal custodial order from the court of venue.


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the child will have a family, but some of them wont feel happy and fufilled until they are adopted.

A foster family is a family that will take in and care for a child temporarily, usually because the child's parents or a single parent is unable to look after their child. A Government Fostering Agency will organise the fostering.

in the united states: no, the family/child care systems are state based, not federal.

If there is someone who has custody of a child and can no longer care for the child, they need to give the child to another family member. The local DHS office can help find family members to take care of the child.

Child means like children(plural)and ward means a guardian take care of the family's child.

You can get child care at the Department of Children and Family. Here the right place for you to get a child care training and if you are successful you can be certified as well as additional money for you to do the job.

The care of the childbearing and child rearing family Pre- natal care and guidance to the pregnant mother

It cares for it's child until it's two

No. A nun lives in a religious house with other nuns who serve God by living out their vocation. According to the Catholic Church, a child can only be adopted into a family, where it will receive the nurturing and care of parents whose duty it is to care for the child. Nuns can serve in orphanages, where they serve as surrogate mothers for children until a family receives them.

Not if the child is a minor. She is obligated to care for her child in every way until he/she is 18.

It usually means you are attracted to that person (if they are not family). If they are family, it usually means you care about them.

to be a good example in her childdo household chorestake care of her child

nourish: it means for example, : to care for a young one.. things along those lines. ex: nourish this child until grown....

To "look after" is to care for. It means to care for a small child.

The state gets more money from the feds for having the children in foster care than the cost of it. They get nothing giving them to family.

The extended family in Mexico usually has pretty strong ties, so in many occasions the child goes with his/her grandparents or aunts. If the extended family can't or won't be able to take care of the child, he/she will go to an orphanage until his/her parent's status is resolved.

the caregiver of the child. the word support means to take care of, so child support, means to take care of the child. which means that child support payments should be given to whomever is taking care of the child in order to support that child. Pay your child support through either the courts or the State disbursement unit. DO NOT give any money or anything else to the obligee unless you want it to be considered a gift.

For me, there are possible meanings: 1. Every man at first is a child, and his experiences from childhood make him a man, they shape him. 2. Every man becomes a true man when he has a family with a child. Care of the child makes him a man.

timothy means happines and care and love to your family

You can take care of a miserable child by talking to her/him, love your child and live as one big happy family.

Yes, but it would have to be left in the care of an adult until the child comes of age.

form_title= Child Care form_header= Choose the right child care provider for your family. How many kids will need care?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} How old are the children?*= _ [50] How often will you need child care?*= {Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Other}

you adopt the child or they became 18 whick means the foster care home is not responsible for them anymore.

If a child was under foster care when he was younger than 18 he can remain under foster care until age 21 for his benefit (college tuitions are normally fully paid, medical care, etc.), unless the child would rather be emancipated.

I think that daycare is like a child minder so they go there for a day whereas i think family child care is like fostering someone. Hope this helps, may not be right though, Sorry,xx

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