Is there any way you can have a family take your child until you have the means to care for your child?

A parent may give temporary custody of a minor child/children w/o using court procedures. Temporary custody is legall defined as three (3) months or less. The parent must supply the attending adult(s) with written authorization (preferably notarized). It should include the date the care is to begin and end, permission for the child/children to be enrolled in school and receive medical care, and the terms of financial support (if any). The parent must keep in contact with the custodial adult and the child/children on a weekly basis, preferably by personal contact, if that is not possible they should call or write at least once a week. The parent should also be certain that the custodial adult knows how to contact them at any time. Even following these guidelines will not ensure that state social services will not intervene, if the situation comes to the attention of authorities. Any time frame longer than three months, will need a legal custodial order from the court of venue.