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Q: Is there anyone who tried the pill ovulex and suceeeded?
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Have anyone that lost weight taking the liposene diet pill or the bypass2slim pill?

Yes. I tried this also another waste of money along with Sensa!! Los Angeles

How do you get a 21 month old to swallow a pill?

Have you tried crushing the pill up and putting it in water? That would be my first approach.

Has anyone gotten pregnant after missing the pill and having breakthrough bleeding?

yes. people have even got pregnant on the pill.

What pill has b 972 on it?

Unfortunately this is not a good enough description for anyone to be able to tell you reliably what pill it is. Don't take it if you don't know what it is.

If one week pregnant will the oburshun pill work?

I'm sorry I tried to Google the pill but there is no medication called that. I suggest you check the spelling and change it or ask again.

Who would benefit from the alli diet pill?

Almost anyone who enjoys eating can benefit from taking the pill. One can eat almost like they did before the pill, except for now they would have to moderate their intake of fat.

How you can improve to size of your penis?

well there is no real way but you could try pill that say they do (i have never tried it)

Is there a pill to cover up illegal drug use?

No. If anyone knew of one or could manufacture it the would have more money than anyone.

Has anyone used Lipozene?

Yes, many people have used the diet pill called Lipozene. The pill is said to be a safe and effective way to lose weight, but has not been approved by the FDA.

What is the best pill other than Viagra for longer sex?

Do you know or ever tried such a pill or Viagra works better than others? I want to buy a generic version online. Many conversations about Can I trust?

Has anyone ever used Ovulex beforeAnd what effect did it have on them?

Q. Will Ovulex™ cause multiple births?A. No evidence has been presented that indicates this. Ovulex™ is not a synthetic drug, therefore adverse chemical side effects are unlikely.Q. Will I gain weight taking Ovulex™?A. Past history shows that weight gain will occur only if you are pregnant. Of customers surveyed those who where not yet pregnant saw no unusual weight gain.Q. Will Ovulex™ help my husband if he has problems?A. Maybe, but not directly. Many men are partially impotent because they ejaculate small amounts of active sperm. Unless a woman's body conditions are perfect, these seeds may never reach the egg for fertilization.There is a sister product to Ovulex™ called Amberoz™.Q. Are positive results guaranteed?A. YES! the makers of Ovulex™ offer a full year to return any unused portion of the product for a full refund. Obviously we can't guarantee that you'll get pregnant with Ovulex™ but we can guarantee that if you don't, Ovulex™ won't cost you a dime.Q. Do I need a prescription to order Ovulex™?A. Not at this time.* However, due to changing FDA regulations Ovulex™ may become regulated at a later date.Q. How can I order Ovulex™?A. It's very easy. Scroll to the end of this page and you'll be given three options. Order by phone at 800-805-1592, via fax at 901-737-0759, or order securely online here. In addition, you can print our mail-in or FAX form here and send a check or money order to the address below.Success StoriesBefore you order read some of these Ovulex™ success stories.Natasha Copeland"I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!!!""Hello my name is Natasha Copeland. I wanted to share my story with everyone. Me and my soon to be husband have been trying to get pregnant for over two years. It had got very hard and we were upset about it.Finally I went on the Internet to read about what I could try. Then I ran across your ad and at first I was like yeah right there ain't no way that stuff works. Then I got to reading more and decided to order to give it a try. I figured I had nothing to lose so I went ahead and ordered. We started as soon as we got it.Today is April 14, 2007 and I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!!! I will be making my first doctors appointment on Monday. Thank you Ovulex™ for changing our lives!"Natasha CopelandThis Customer Review4 out of 5 Stars Try Ovulex NOW! - Click Here Now!Fiona SmithLondon, England"You have answered my dream to have children with my partner""I just want to tell you how pleased I am with Ovulex™. I read about it but was naturally skeptical about herb blends and buying over the internet from the states – no one here in the UK seemed to know about it! I bought it from you mid February and have been taking it religiously every night before bedtime (with a little prayer!) and I am proud to announce I took a pregnancy test today at home and it was positive!I am just 3 weeks pregnant. I have been trying for a baby with my partner since the beginning of December and its now end of March. I only had 2 cycles and was I completely irregular after coming off the pill so I didn't expect anything to really happen - you hear couples should try for over a year before the NHS will allow them to seek help if they are not conceiving - very frustrating if you are nearly 35 and worried about fertility dropping... but I researched Ovulex™ and heard only good things about it on all the web links and the fact it was natural and not expensive like some of the fertility treatments you read about.The cost of a night out or a good meal - I thought it could only help my body get ready for conception. I am nearly 33 and didn't thing I would get pregnant so quickly!!!!! Thank you Ovulex™ - I am so pleased!!! You have answered my dream to have children with my partner.... I know it was taking Ovulex™ which helped my irregular cycle settle down and make my body fertile I am hoping for a safe and sound pregnancy and then when I need to have more children next year to complete our family - you are right - I will be taking Ovulex™ again!" Fiona SmithThis Customer Review4 out of 5 StarsTry Ovulex NOW! - Click Here Now!Francesca Muscutt"I am pleased to say that after 6 weeks I am pregnant!""By January 2007, we had been trying to conceive for several months and we had been referred by our doctor to the Assisted Conception Unit at our local hospital for further investigation.I was feeling really low; most of my close my friends were falling pregnant on the first or second attempt and I was anxious that something must be wrong as I had had gyno problems in the past. I started the New Year, trying to feel upbeat and positive and began to research alternative medicines to see whether this could assist us; my research lead me to Ovulex™.I am pleased to say that after 6 weeks (not even two cycles) I am pregnant! It happened so quickly that I haven't even had the results back from the Assisted Conception Unit yet! We have two sets of close friends that have been trying to conceive for a very long time with no known medical problems. I will definitely recommend that they try Ovulex™!" Francesca MuscuttThis Customer Review4 out of 5 StarsTry Ovulex NOW! - Click Here Now!Tara Mellor"I wasn’t too confident in Ovulex™... but after only one month... I am pregnant!!!" "My partner and I had been trying for a baby for about a year. I always took prenatal supplements and ate a balanced diet. I never drank or smoked and I have never touched drugs so assumed that it would be easy to get pregnant. After 6months of trying I became pregnant but unfortunately had a miscarriage. After a month or so, we began trying again. My partner is a smoker and likes his beer so he completely cut down but there was still no pregnancy. I discovered Ovulex™ and Amberoz™ on your site after I looked for something a little more that prenatal to help me conceive. I ordered one bottle of each and as soon as they arrived I started taking them and so did my partner. We tried our best to follow the dietary tips that came with them too. I wasn’t too confident in Ovulex™ and Amberoz™ but after only one month of taking Ovulex™ and my partner taking Amberoz™, I am pregnant!!! It’s made us the happiest couple around. We were both getting so frustrated in calculating ovulation trying and getting nowhere. Especially after a couple we are friends with have just had their second child. We had got to the line of thought where we decided if it’s going to happen it will happen and began to not stress over it and I conceived. I will keep you up to date on how the pregnancy goes."Yours Sincerely, Tara MellorThis Customer Review4 out of 5 StarsTry Ovulex NOW! - Click Here Now!Caitlin andChris Rutzler"Thank you guys sooo much for this chance for us to have more children""My name is Caitlin Rutzler an my husband and I bought Ovulex™ and its amazing. It worked with in a month of taking the pills. Thank you guys sooo much for this chance for us to have more children."Caitlin and Chris RutzlerThis Customer Review4 out of 5 StarsTry Ovulex NOW! - Click Here Now!RamonaWesson-Ferrell"I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant!" "I was trying to get pregnant for 10 years with no success. We did all the fertility tests and operations you could imagine. We got pregnant and at 6 months we lost the baby. We have been trying now for 3 years to get pregnant again with no success. I bought the Ovulex™ and I took it for one month with no success but I could tell that my body was changing in a good way. I decided I would give it one more try… and the VERY next month I was pregnant. I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant and being very careful. Thanks to Ovulex™ they did what thousands of dollars and doctors could not. I promise you it really works. I could tell that my body was being prepared for ovulation. For the first time I could tell when I was getting ready to ovulate."Ramona Wesson-FerrellThis Customer Review4 out of 5 StarsTry Ovulex NOW! - Click Here Now!Brittany"I truly believe that this product is a blessing from God""Hi my name is Brittany, I had been trying to get pregnant for about six months, but at the end of every month I had my period and no baby. At the end of the fifth month of trying I decided to go to the doctor and make sure everything was all right with me, and that is when I discovered I have PCOS.The doctor told me that I had many options available to me but every one of them were too expensive! I was heartbroken and I thought about just giving up, but I started searching the internet for alternatives and came across Ovulex™. It seemed to work and was within my budget. So I decided to give it a try and ordered my first bottle. After only taking it for two weeks I already could tell a difference.My period less intense and it came right on time, which is not very normal for me! I went to the doctor about a week ago to check on everything and she did an ultrasound on me and said it looked like I started ovulating properly. She told me to keep taking Ovulex™ because she had another patient become pregnant while taking it and truly believes it is helping me come closer to becoming a mom! I truly believe that this product is a blessing from God and that it will help me have a child of my own! Thanks so MUCH!"BrittanyThis Customer Review4 out of 5 Stars Try Ovulex NOW! - Click Here Now!"My son is now 10 months old and very healthy!"AmandaGrand Island, NE4 out of 5 Stars "I got pregnant the very first month"Bethany; California4 out of 5 Stars "I took the test today and it was positive"Deena; Georgetown, TX4 out of 5 Stars "The First Month I Took It I Got Pregnant"Lindsay; California4 out of 5 Stars Try Ovulex NOW! - Click Here Now!The results expressed in the above testimonials may be unique to the individual(s) involved. The testimonials and descriptions of the products used are not intended to promote any direct or implied health claims, and actual results of usage can vary. Pictorial representation may not be accurate.Our GuaranteeOvulex™ is backed by our unconditional one-year guarantee. No questions and no hassles. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any product that Northrop produces, return the unused portion anytime within a full year for a 100% money back refund.Order two or three bottles of Ovulex™ today and we will pay to ship it directly to your door anywhere in the continental US EXPRESS via Priority Mail. We know that timing is important. Don't wait another minute.How To Order Ovulex™There are two easy ways to order.Order now online via our secure server 24 hours per day 7 days a week. Click here to get startedOrder now by phone M-F 9am-5pm CST at 800-805-1592joymaker rn

What happens if you take an anti-diarrhea pill then take a laxative?

Just tried 5 minutes ago. I'll let you know soon

Is the 7 day detox pill approved by the FDA?

I do believe that the Diet pill is not fda approved because the only diet pill on todays market that is approved is alli. I have tried alli and it did not seem to work, but I only took the pill for one cycle so maybe it takes longer. How ever I am pretty sure the 7 day detox is not approved because the company would use it as a key selling point. Good Luck.

Can you take ibuprofen and a sleeping pill if you are pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you should be getting medication information directly from medical professionals and not from a wiki service. The term "sleeping pill" covers too many possibilities to permit anyone to give a responsible answer to this question.

You are taking Allegra D - when you go have a bowel movement there is a pill in the same shape and form as the original pill - why?

Does anyone that takes Allegra D have it show up in their bowel movement as the same shape and color as the tablet taken?

What pill kill 7 people in 1982?

You are referring to the cyanide that was substituted in Tylenol capsules. The Tylenol did not kill anyone, the cyanide it had been substituted with did.

How do you get pin worms?

You pick in your butt and the eggs get in there and they never stop growing, unless you get a pill to stop them also can anyone help me about the Shawnee tribe?

Can you buy phenocal in stores?

Phenocal is not sold from local stores. However, if anyone wants to buy this diet pill, he can purchase from its official website.

You want to know if anyone has had success with the Prescopodene diet pill?

yes. i would like to know if this pill worked for anyone, I'm on my fourth day and don't feel any different but more hungry witch is weird, i just hope it works for me i need to lose 30pound, and i stopped breastfeeding just to try this i hope I'm not wasting my time......

What is the Pill?

The Pill is the name associated with the Contraceptive Birth Control Pill.

Is the time release in the pill or around the pill?

can be either depending on the pill

What is next if accidentally took the Wednesday pill instead of Tuesday pill?

If you took the wednesday pill on tuesday, then just take the tuesday pill on Wednesday. There is no harm and no decrease in effectiveness as long as the wednesday pill wasn't a placebo pill and the tuesday pill an active pill (e.g. in Loestrin 24)

What is a sentence for pill?

The nurse asked the patient to take his pill.I don't want to swallow the pill.

Why am i Nauseous and on the pill?

If you are nauseated and on the pill this might be the pill causing it. You can talk to your doctor about getting you another pill, but this is not guaranteed to help.

Should you have a period while on the pill?

it depends what kind of pill. but if its a very light pill then yeah you should i get mine when on a pill.