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Unfortunately, chemicals are very present in our everyday lives. There is no commonality in the reactions of people with autoimmune diseases, but trial and error often helps you figure out how to manage your own.

  • Your home and its furnishings should be chosen carefully. For example, tile is better than treated wood or carpet. Blinds are better than curtains. Used furniture may have already "outgassed" so it won't bother you. Avoid candles and fragrance enhancers. I have been okay with Fabreze, though.
  • Cleaning products should be limited as much as possible to vinegar and baking soda. I have no trouble with Tide without/bleach or fragrance; but you can do a final rinse with white vinegar to remove soap residue. Some natural organic products may work for you.
  • Cotton clothing is often less abrasive. Soak wrinkle free clothing for 4 hours in a baking soda solution.
  • Most workplaces have a fragrance-free requirement and ask people to avoid wearing perfume or keeping infusers at their desk. There are cinnamon solid deodorizers available for the bathrooms.
  • Keep your diet simple and low fat. Watch the spices - for instance, curry spices affect me the next day - and ask for toppings on the side of dishes when eating out. At home, cooking from scratch may reduce any effects from sulfates and other preservatives.
  • Supplements - everyone wants you to try them and they are not necessary and will not fix your system. Echinacea is one to avoid for sure - it is contraindicated for people with auto-immune diseases.
  • Cosmetics - trial and error, but maybe let the hair dye and the makeup go by the wayside. Nutrogena sunscreen works well for me.
  • If paint bothers you, hire someone to paint during a time when the windows can be open. Some brands now do not have an odor.

Avoidance is the best policy. If you get around the offending smells, fumes, and odors try to leave the area. If someone at your work is wearing product that bothers you kindly explain to that person about your problem and make a nice request that he or she does not wear it or use it at work. If your work products bother you ask your employer to use natural products or alternative products. Not much you can do about some things like ink in machines. Have another person fill your gas tank for you. Think about all the things that bother you and come up with ways to deal with them.

I use natural allergy medicine for the bad seasons (homeopathic type). I use nearly all natural products at home and I am doing well. I like the other person's suggestions too.


No shampoo, no soap except Olive Oil Soap from KISS MY FACE), clean house only with baking soda and vinegar, no BLEACH-never use it. Fruit and vegetable soak in water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Live your life like your great grandma.

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Q: Is there anything a person with autoimmune system problems can do to be able to function everyday without chemical sensitivity to pesticides bleach perfumes paint etc?
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