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You can't file any legal action against the non-paying tenant until the chapter 13 has been dismissed or the court grants your relief from stay motion. You can also file a motion to have the entire case dismissed if the failure to pay rent is a breach of the chapter 13 plan. If the tenant is still in the property, you will want to file an eviction lawsuit and not a small claims lawsuit.

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Q: Is there anything else you need to do if you have a non-paying tenant who has filed chapter 13 and you have filed a small claims case and a motion for relief of stay?
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If you first were filing a chapter 13 you can change that to a chapter 7, it is called "motion to convert".

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on a motion to reconsider what information is needed in the motion area

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File a motion to re-consider.

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When you file for bankruptcy, you are protected by the "automatic stay" which prohibits creditors from taking action to collect the debt or from taking your property. In some cases, the creditor will ask the court for permission to continue efforts to collect the debt by requesting relief from the stay. This is usually done by a creditor who wants to continue foreclosure proceedings on a house or seek repossession of a vehicle. Landlords will also file for relief from stay to evict a nonpaying tenant.

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After the Chapter 13 plan has been successfully completed and the Trustee so certifies. Some courts require filing a motion or request for a discharge.

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Do you mean motion for relief from stay? The automatic stay is placed into effect when someone / something (entity) files a bankruptcy petition. It is essentially an injunction preventing creditors from taking most actions to enforce their claims. A motion for relief from stay asks the court for permission to take action to enforce claims. It is most commonly filed to permit the creditor to enforce a lien / security interest.