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If you mean the key turns on and you have lights, the battery is ok. Yes you can hot wire it. First, make sure the kill switch is in the run position. You can also have a bad button and or wiring going to the starter relay. The relay is the switch that connects the battery to the starter. Check all cables from the battery. Check to see that the other side of the relay cable is tight, and is tight at the starter. The way to hot wire at the starter solenoid: just run/jump 12volts from from the battery side to the small nut/lug on side of solenoid. There are only three connections on it one big cable in (from battery), one big cable (to the starter). If this does not get the bike turning over, try taking a pair of pliers and using the handle ends, short the two big ends together. If it then turns over you have a bad starter soleinoid. Have key on, bike out of gear and choke on; bike should start. Hope this helps. Ben Parker,San Jose, Ca

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Q: Is there anything on a GL1500 that goes bad that will cause the starter not to engage you can hot wire it and it works?
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What would cause the starter to engage without the key when you hook up the battery?

Starter selenoid no good

Can a low battery cause starter not to engage?

Yes. Without sufficient charge, the starter will not have enough amperage to crank.

How do you get power to the starter?

The positive battery cable connects directly to the starter. Depending on what type of vehicle it is, the solenoid is either on the starter or on the inner fender. Power for the solenoid comes from the ignition switch. You can run a wire to the solenoid to cause the starter to engage.

What would cause a car to whine and crank when trying to start it after 8 or so idle hours you have replaced the starter it is a Chevy s10 2001?

Did you follow the starter alignment instructions when you replaced the starter? Are you getting oil on the Bendix? That could cause the starter gear to engage slowly. It is possible that the replacment starter has a problem. Also, if the previous starter had the same problem it could have damaged the gear on the flex plate.

What would cause your Honda Passport to not engage the starter after the car has been operating for several hours?

The starter could be close to the exhaust pipe, and the solenoid could be getting hot and might have a failure on the coil.

What can cause a starter to keeep turning after engine starts already changed solenoid?

There's a special spring-loaded cog at the end of the starter that's meant to engage when the starter is going and to retract when it isn't. If this special(Bendix) cog don't retract, the starter will remain engaged. You'll have to pull the starter and look at the axle at the end by the flywheel.

Will a bad flywheel cause a car to not turn over?

A bad flywheel can definitely cause the engine not to turn over. The flywheel has teeth. If the teeth are chipped or broken, then the starter can not engage to spin the engine over.

My '95 Saturn SC1 makes a rapid clicking noise when I try to start it If I pop start it it'll run fine The battery and starter are good What else could cause this?

Either you have a poor electrical connection to your starter or the starter solenoid is going out and will not engage the starter gear to the flex plate/fly wheel on your motor.

Why does energizing the starter solenoid cause a dead short on the battery and is there any circuit protection - 1982 Buick Regal?

No,there is no circuit protection between the battery and the starter. If the starter is causing a dead short to ground, there is definitely something wrong with the starter. Pull it and have it checked. The switch that engages the high current is inside the starter. If the starter is fried and perhaps something melted to ground, every time you engage it you will get a dead short.

By taping on the starter on a Pontiac G6 will that make the car crank?

Possibly if the starter solenoid contacts are weakened as this will cause them to reconnect long enough to start the vehicle or the plunger is seized in the wrong position. Once you start tapping starters to engage them a replacement is on the horizon.

Could your starter cause your battery not to charge?

No, a starter cannot cause a battery to fail to charge. It could cause the battery to discharge quickly.

Can a bad starter cause the car to stall while driving?

No. A bad starter would cause the car not to start.

What would cause your starter to go bad?

Could be old age. Usually, either the motor dies that spins the wheel or the bendix doesn't kick the gear out to engage with the flywheel. Sometimes the solenoid fails too.

Can a car be started with a screwdriver?

Yes, by using it to short the solenoid. It's dangerous and can cause fire. You can engage the starter with a screwdriver and crank the engine over but you would still have to "hot wire" the ignition system to run the engine.

What would cause a 1993 Spirit 3.0L V6 engine to seize after only running 5 min and not start again?

It depends... by Seize do you mean that the engine is locked up and wont turn at all. It could be a starter failure as if the starter went out or the Starter Solenoid causing the starter not to work or engage and by it not working or engaging it wont turn the engine over to start the vehicle... if it is turning over you have to check to see if your receiving fuel, then if you are, check for spark.

Why does starter only engage part of the time?

The starter in your vehicle works at a very low speed. It is only used to crank the engine enough to help it run from a standstill. The car's normal idle speed is +/- 700 - 800rpm. Even at this low speed it would be too fast for the starter to handle. Furthermore, keeping the starter engaged would cause unnecessary wear on the starter parts, as well as the flywheel gear (ringgear). It would also be another mechanical device the engine has to turn, thus decreasing the efficiency.

What would cause a starter to grind?

The starter is probably not aligned with the flywheel. The clearance between the starter and the ring gear needs to be checked.

When will a starter fail to disengage?

A starter will not disengage if the ignition switch is stuck or if the solenoid has jammed. This will cause the starter to constantly receive power.

Can a starter cause a car to stop running?

The starter itself.. that would be unlikely... but a wire connected to the starter could on some vehicles.

Why I keep blowing the starter fuse in my 2002 Chrysler Sebring?

A failed starter is a likely cause.

Will a bad starter cause a grinding noise before going out?

A bad starter might make a noise. The starter could also go bad with no noise or warning. However if the starter is making noise then there is a problem that could cause failure at any time

What would cause a positive battery cable to burn up?

bad starter or bad connection to starter or bad ground on battery or starter

What would cause starter to stay lockd in on position?

The starter relay (solenoid) points are melted together.

What could cause your motor not to turn over if you have a new battery and new starter?

Could be the starter relay

Your 94 Jeep Cherokee has no power going to the coil what would cause this?

bad starter or starter solenoid.