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Call your lender, they usually place ins. that covers the loan amount ONLY if you let yours lapse. You will have to file a police report,ect. and it may take some time to settle up.

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Q: Is there anything that can be done if you have no insurance and your motorcycle is stolen while you still owed money on the bike?
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What insurance companies carry motorcycle insurance in MA?

There are 5 Big Players. Here's a good BLog to help you Save money on Motorcycle Insurance: For more information and resources on Motorcycle Insurance, check out

Is money stolen from an ATM covered by home owners insurance?

No, Money stolen from your Financial Institution is covered by your Financial Institution

Where can one find affordable motorcycle insurance?

Affordable motorcycle insurance can be found on Nationwide, Progressive, Personal Insure, Club Cycle, Money Supermarket, Geico, Direct General and Esurance.

Your sister was a passenger on a motorcycle that was hit by a drunk driver her boyfriend who was driving the bike had no insurance registration or a valid motorcycle license what happens?

I guess she tries to collect from the drunk's insurance or sues the drunk and or the boyfriend. If the drunk has no insurance or money, or the boyfriend has no money I think you have your answer. If she has her own medical insurance, she could probably use that.

What happens if you buy a stolen motorcycle from a dealer?

You get charged with possession of a stolen vehicle I believe. If you knew it was stolen when you bought it then you are handling stolen goods (or a similarly fragrant nosegay of legalspeak, depending where you live) and the police will be keeping a close eye on you and they will be very interested in you. If you did not know it was stolen, then the motorcycle will be confiscated and searched so they can try and find out who had stolen it and where it came from. How you then get your money back, if at all, depends again on where you live.

How much would a 16 yr old who has taken an approved motorcycle course and drives a 200cc new sports motorcycle costing 1900 have to pay for insurance in Texas?

Motorcycl Insurance Premiums depend on a number of Factors. There are numerous ways to Save you money on Motorcycle Insurnace. Check out this blog: Or, for more information and resources on Motorcycle Insurance, check out

Is stolen money covered in renters insurance?

No, cash is not covered, same on homeowners policy, not covered.

What's vacation insurance and why do I need it?

Vacation insurance can be very helpful to people, especially if you are going on a longer vacation. This type of insurance will help you if something of yours get ruined on vacation, or if you lose your money or get your money stolen.

Can money stolen through ATM be claimed under travel insurance?

it depends on the agency where you have got the policy. Check it up in your insurance company.

Is travel insurance possible for accidents?

Travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself when travelling and is a must because anything can happen. Although it does not cover everything, insurance usually covers lost or stolen money, medical expenses, cancellation fees and permanent disabilities among other things.

What do you do if your motorcycle is totaled in an accident with no insurance but you still owe on the bike?

you still owe on the motorcycle. that's why banks require full coverage at the time of the loan-so that they will get their money. Since there is no insurance company, YOU are responsible for paying off the loan.

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