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Most unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to eliminate the spiny gumballs from the tree. There is a fruitless variety, but it is difficult to locate at a nursery and it does not have as strong of a fall color like the fruiting variety.

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How does the liquid in a aerosol turn into a gas when sprayed?

it doesn't

Why does liquid in a perfume bottle turn into gas as soon as its sprayed?

The liquid in a perfume bottle turn into gas as soon as it is sprayed because its temperature evaporation point is very low.

Which organs eliminate liquid wastes?

kidney eliminates the liquid waste.

What phase change when air freshener is sprayed its container?

Liquid to gas

Why perfumes convert in gas from liquid when sprayed from bottle?

It doesn't turn into a gas, it just turns into tiny droplets of liquid

Why is an something liquid in a can but a gas when sprayed?

It isn't a gas only smaller particles of the same liquid floating on air when they come out of a can.

Temperature of liquid butane sprayed in air?

The boiling point of butane is roughly -1.1oC.

How do you eliminate the odor of a dead animal?

Liquid bleach or gasoline.

What makes Skittles shiny?

Skittles are sprayed with a liquid sugar when their made and when they dry the skittles are SHINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your pet rabbit sprayed you with a white liquid what is it?

It just looked white--you've been urinated on.

How does skin eliminate liquid waste?

hirap nito tulong please

How do particles take part when perfume is sprayed on wrist?

The liquid is released, evaporated and adhere temporary to skin.

What is angel dust weed?

marijuana that has been sprayed with liquid PCP... look up what PCP is for more info.

What is a liquid or solid that is suitable for growing cells?

a medium

What would happen if you sprayed liquid nitrogen in the atmosphere?

It would go different directions and will also split, so nonthing.

What can Evaporate?

anything that is a liquid...

What is the liquid that dissolves a solid?

Liquid that dissolves anything is called Solvent

What word means a chemical liquid?

'Liquid' is a chemical term, used to mean anything in a liquid state.

What are bananas sprayed with to accelerate ripening?

Bananas are not sprayed with anything, at least not anything in a liquid form. In order to accelerate the ripening process, banana are placed in a room and subjected to ethylene gas. Ethylene gas is naturally released by bananas and other fruit, which causes the ripening process. Placing green bananas in commercial ethylene gas does faster what nature would do if the fruit were left on the tree. This allows for the shipment of green bananas over long distances without concern for early ripening before reaching market.

Is milk a mobile liquid?

a mobile liquid is anything that contains vitamin D

How is glue a liquid?

Anything that flows freely is a liquid, -some glues flow.

Do bacteria exrection?

Bacteria eliminate waste through the cell membrane. It is in some form of liquid and gas.

What types of products do C'Mere Deer produce?

The products offered by C'Mere Deer is a liquid that attracts deer. The liquid solution is a blend of roots and plants that deer love, and when sprayed in a certain area, deer will appear.

What is rust remover?

Rust remover is a liquid that can be used to remove rust. A homemade rust remove is white vinegar. It can be sprayed directly onto the rust.

Is hydrochloride a solid liquid or gas?

Hydrochloric acid is a liquid. Hydrochloride isn't anything.