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Nothing that I know of, maybe a civil suit. You are learning the pitfalls of co-signing the hard way. Keep the lender aware of the signors address( so the lender can pester them as well as you), any windfall money the signor may get to collect from by the lender,ect. Good Luck

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Can your federal tax refund be taken if you cosigned for a truck that was repossessed?

Legally, YES.

What is Georgia law against hiding car from being repossessed?

The only way to hide a car in Georgia if facing being repossessed is by filing chapter 13. If you have filed for chapter 13 it is legally ok to hide your car from being repossessed.

How long before your vehicle can legally be repossessed?


If you cosigned for your husband's car loan and the car was repossessed do you have any recourse if you are divorced and a judgment was filed on both of you and you were unaware of it and never served?

You have very little recourse. As a co-signer, you are just as legally obligated to the debt whether you knew it existed or not. As a co-signer, it is incumbent on you to be aware of the status of the loan.

Can you legally move out at the age of 16 without you parents permission in Georgia?

Legally in Georgia you must be 18.

Can you legally go and take your car back after it has been repossessed?

NO,thats Grand Theft.

Does lender have to send notice of default or intention to repossessed before taking the merchandise?

Legally NO!

Owner of car stole it back from repossession company?

If it was repossessed legally then he is guilty of theft

If you cosigned for a car and it got repossessed voluntarily what will it do to your credit and will you owe?

Whether a repossession is done "voluntarily" by the primary or through the action of the lender, the primary borrower and the cosigner are still legally responsible for all the terms of the lending agreement. The affect the repossession has on the cosigner's credit history will depend upon the actions of the lender to recover the debt owed.

How can an 17 yr old move out of their parents home in Georgia legally?

your parents can kick you out at age 18, but you are able in Georgia to leave your home at age 17, with out getting charged of anything or be considered a runaway. Its because of the loop hole in Georgia laws and Georgia only

How much would it hurt your credit if the car you co-signed for gets repossessed?

Just the same as if it was your car repossessed. Legally, you hold the same liability as the primary buyer.

Are there strip clubs in Georgia where you can touch the dancers?

Perhaps in the Georgia of Eastern Europe, but not (legally) in the US Georgia.

Can you get license in Georgia if suspended in California?

Legally, no.

How many days after your car payment is due can your car be repossessed?

Legally, ONE.Actual practice?? 3-60

What if you cosigned for an apartment and the lease was broken?

You are legally bound to the lease and the obligations of the original contract as if it were your lease. You can take the person that you co-signed for to court for reimbursement.

How many children can you legally keep in your home daycare unlicensed in Georgia?

As of 2011, you may legally care for 2 children in the state of Georgia without a license.

Can i charge for getting your own things from a repossessed car?

You can only repossess the car, you do not also gain possession of anything else that happened to be stored in the car, and the owner of those items is legally entitled to reclaim them without charge.

If you get married in South Carolina but you live in Georgia are you legally married?

Yes. If you were married legally in SC then anywhere you go you are married legally.

When are you legally considered an adult in the state of Georgia?


If a tow truck tows your car from your home while it is legally parked and there are damages loss of work and loss of sale of the vehicle can i be compensated for all monies lost?

Depends on why it was towed. If it was being repossessed, you're not going to recover anything.

If a car was voluntary repossessed and the cosigner was not notified is the cosigner still responsible?

Yes. If you signed the loan, you are still legally responsible for it.

Can a car be repossessed if you are two payments behind?

Legally if you miss 1 payment you are delinquent and they can start repossession proceedings on their vehicle.

If you file for bankruptcy and your car is repossessed can a friend take a loan out for you to purchase a car?

Of course, it won't legally be your car however.

Can your boss legally ask you if you have another job?

Yes they can legally ask you, but you can also legally not tell them anything.

Can i live in Georgia and register my car in Virginia?

You can't legally do that, no.