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Is there anything wrong when your sperm is yellow and could it be caused because you live in a hot climate?


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Usually unless you are masturbating you don't notice the color of your sperm and you could be mistaking it for discharge (women and men get this and it's normal.) Some sperm can have a light yellow look to it and certainly discharge can. Yes, you are correct in saying that some things you eat can change the color. For instance: Men who eat asparagus can have a tinted green urine and discharge. Also vitamin B supplements are bad for this. It's possible it is something you are eating, BUT, this is screaming out to you that you aren't drinking your 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water a day!!!!! Water is essential in the diet, and heat will dehydrate you weather-wise, so it's most important to drink 8 glasses of water a day as it clears out the filtering organs such as liver and kidneys. Try drinking more water and keep a log of the foods you are eating. If this continues for another couple of weeks then see a doctor and don't be embarrassed about it. Doctors see men and women for similar reasons all the time. YOU REALLY need to ask your doctor to be sure. IF you are too embaressed, go to a local clinic, OR look up PlannedParenthood in your phonebook. Make sure you see a doctor!! GOOD LUCK


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