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There is nothing wrong with being friends with your ex-boyfriend. In fact, that should make you really happy because he will love you even more ...

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Are friends really enemies?

Shouldnt think so... if you were enemies then why would you consider yourselves friends? especially if you were friends for ages!

False friends are worse than open enemies?

They definitely are, in my point of view! They defeat the whole definition of a friend don't they? Someone to trust, to be yourself around and not be judged! It undermines you really, because they are playing you. False friends are just lying enemies.

Is Selena Gomez enemies with Miley Cyrus?

No, they are really good friends

How can you tell if your really friends with someone?

your ''friend'' would give up anything to kkeep u alive hope this helps

Were biggie smalls and Tupac friends?

Yes they where,really good friends actually...but unfortunately,they both died as enemies

What is the definition of normal?

some think that the deffinition of normal is perfect, someone with alot of friends, or anything that they are not, but normal really means someone who is themselves and not acting like something that they are not just to get friends. A normal person is a person that is themself.

How do you write a sentence using the word enemies?

-Mark and Haley had a fight a few years ago, and have been enemies since. -And then there's the famous saying, " Keep your friend close, but your enemies closer." -You can also make a bold statement like " There really doesn't exist such a thing as "enemies". -Without friends man can really have no enemies. (an enemy would be someone you've known..cared about ..liked or shared a substantial amount of time with). Hope this helps.....

Do Tally and Paris stay friends at the end of Uglies?

No, not really, but their not enemies either. They are just acquaintances.

Are vampires and werewolves enemies?

In myth, yes.In a variety of stories, they have been enemies, friends, and servants of the other. It really depends on which story you choose to read, or the movie you choose to watch.

How do you become friends and then date?

make friends with someone you like then show that them you are really interested in them.

How do you stop being friends with someone who says they're emo when they are only in the fifth grade?

You shouldn't stop being friends with someone if they claim they're 'emo'. Is this person really 'emo' seeing that they are only in 5th grade?If anything you should try to help the person if they are having emotional problems and be a better friend, not to stop being friends with them. If anything gets really serious, like contemplating suicide or something, talk to a guidance counselor or your parents.

How can you tell someone really loves you?

IF someone really loves you they will do anything for you and they never ever ever ever lie to you

Was New Jersey colony friend with the natives?

They where really going back and forth so they kind of where friends and enemies

What is the difference of loving and really liking someone?

When you really love someone, you can tell them anything. You can trust them with anything and know in your heart that you can trust that loved one. Someone you love will always make you smile no matter what. When you really love someone, you could forgive them no matter what. Hope that helps you.

What do you do if your boyfriend is jealous and you have been with him for over a year?

you really cant do anything..why be with someone who wont let you be comfortable around friends or acknowledge the fact his got you and others want you

What if you like your friends girlfriend?

You really shouldn't do anything. If you really like her, then you wait until they break up to do anything about it .You should also probably tell your friend before you do anything, out of respect.

Were Beth and Mickie friends when Beth first debuted?

== == All WWE superstars are friends backstage. Their rivalry shown on screen is staged performance and does not mean they are really enemies

Are Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe really friends off set?

Yes they have both said that they are great friends offset that's why they can play enemies so well.

What do you do if you like someone and they like you too but they just want to be friends with benefits?

That is not nice. They are either friends or no friends. It is not fair on you if they are only being friends to get their way with you. Whatever way this is . I would dump them and find someone who really likes you.

What should you do when you really like someone?

When we like anyone iwe have to do anything for them

If someone says something mean and your friends dont say anything what does that mean?

Maybe they aren't the kind of friends you want to be hanging around with. You really should surround yourself with people who care enough to stand up for you in a situation where you are a victim.

Is the heavy from Team Fortress 2 friends with scout?

I really say no. Because on Meet the scout on Youtube they seem like enemies.

What has Shawn Johnson been doing for her social life?

talking to friends not really anything

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