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No, well my sister tried the "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try again" method and she finally had a boy, but she also has four girls. I don't really recommend that so no, you get what you get.

Answeryes!!! find out the day you are due to ovulate and have sex a day before or on the day of ovulation and these y sperm (boy) is faster then the x sperm (girl) and they will reach your egg first to fertilize it. Also find out what your pH range is because to conceive a boy the female has to be more alkaline. you can do this by getting pH testing strips off the net to test your saliva and urine. There cheap, i did this same thing and i paid 7 pounds altogether and that was with shipping aswell. i received them in two days. Go for it honey it does work!!!!!!
I believe the male sperm dictates the sex upon fertilization. Yes the female egg contains the XX chromosomes while the male sperm contains the XY chromosomes -if it will be a boy that Y is all that matters, so it's all up to that one little sperm- There is no proven food or exercise that will increase your chances of having a boy- nothing much you can do aside from genetically manipulating the sex of your child through in vitro etc...
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Q: Is there anything you can do to increase your chance of conceiving a baby boy?
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Will the baby be albino if the mother is albino?

Not necessairly the baby could be born with or with albinism even if both parents have the trait there still is a one and four chance of conceiving a albino child

Is pomegranate is alkaline fruit to conceive a boy?

Yes, pomegranate is an alkaline fruit which help increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Is parents blood group effects the possibility of conceiving?

father's blood group AB+ve and Mother's is O+ve, If there any chance to have a Opositive baby

You are 41 have two healthy children and have just had two miscarriages in a row What are your chances of getting pregnant again now?

Your chance of conceiving again is very good. Your chance of producing a baby is not very good - age is a factor.

Premature baby deaths from smoking?

possible but smoking does increase that chance

Does lemon juice help in conceiving a baby girl?


Me and My Partner are trying for a baby he smokes dope and drinks a lot can this effect us conceiving?

Yes, it is very likely that it will effect the chances of you conceiving.

What are the odds of conceiving a baby boy?

The odds of conceiving a baby boy are around 51%. This puts the odds of having a boy or a girl about equal. Gender is determined before fertilization when the gametes cells join.

If both male and female are B positive blood group will there be a chance of having an abnormal baby?

There's always a chance of having an "abnormal" baby, but your blood types won't increase the risk.

Will drinking alcohol while breast feeding increase the chance your baby will be an alcoholic?

No. However, the baby will ingest a very tiny amount of alcohol in the milk.

If you take drugs the night of conceiving would it harm baby?

Yes, The baby will have hydrochloric acid developed on its penis.

If you feel a pulse in your stomach a few days after conceived does that mean your pregnant?

Lol No i doubt it if its only a few days after conceiving. Your baby wouldn't be able to be seen to the naked eye yet so there's no chance of feeling a pulse.

How can you prevent from conceiving?

ABSTINENCE!! and birth control but if you do not want to make a baby, ABSTINENCE is KEY!!

What is the chance in percent that a baby will be a girl?

The chance of a baby being a girl is 50%.

Can you put ditto and Articuno in the day care and get a baby Articuno?

Yes, but there is a very small chance of getting anything.

Is the snake year good for conceiving baby?

Any year is good. Astrology has no effect on the ability to conceive.

What is pregenancy?

Pregnancy is when a woman is conceiving her child. This is when her stomach will balloon up, and after about nine months, the baby will be born.

Does taking prenatal vitamins increase your cervical mucus?

No. It only lower the chance your baby will be born with birth defects- due to vitamin definciencies

Can you have an ectopic pregnancy with a negative pregnancy test?

Yes! Go to the doctor NOW if you suspect an ecptoic pregnancy. Caught early enough, they can be dealt w and the woman will have a 100% chance of conceiving and delivering a perfectly happy, full-term baby. But if you wait, the consequences can be fatal.

What is the chances of getting pregnant for women who have heavy period 7 days or more?

The chance of getting pregnant depends on your fertility levels hun. But there has never been any problems with women who are fertile and have a heavy 7 day period, conceiving a baby. Good luck.

Is having a baby in a dream have something to do with hitting the lottery?

Yes. If you are conceiving a child in a dream it means you will win the Powerball.

What are the chances of a 22 year old man and a 40 year old woman conceiving a healthy baby?


What is IOI operation for conceiving baby?

It is the method of taking sperm of man and washing the sperm and using those for fertilisation

What is the chance of a diabetic baby born to parents both heterozygous normal?

The chance of a diabetic baby born to parents who are both heterozygous normal depends on the sex. If the baby is a boy, there is a 50% chance while if it is a girl, there is a 25% chance.

Could Jacobsen syndrome have been prevented?

No. Jacobsen cannot be prevented. This syndrome happeneds randomly while conceiving the baby.