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Take it to a car audio shop, Best Buy, or Circuit City. They'll be able to tell you, but generally if you have enough money anything can be done. Ford also make a six changer cd player that fits in the trunk of the ZX2, but they are expensive but do play over extremely rough roads.

2008-04-25 01:03:19
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What is the cost of installing a CD changer in a BMW?

The cost of installing a CD changer in a BMW will be the cost of hourly labor multiplied by the number of hours as defined by the installer which typically turns out to $200. One may save money by installing the changer themselves.

How hard is the Pioneer CDX FM687 CD changer to hook up right?

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Can you replace the dealer installed 'alpine' CD changer in your 1997 c230 with an oem unit the alpine has a round connector and the oem seems to have a rectangular one?


What is that rectangular metal box hanging in the upper right of your Passat trunk?

the bracket for CD changer round or square connector if you want to install used one.. check 1st ..............

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How do you remove a visteon 6 CD changer from the dash of a 2004 fleetwood revolution?

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How do you repair CD changer in 2002 C class Mercedes Benz when it reads no CD changer?

Trhere is no parts that can be changed inside the changer its a complete unit but note this car has a phiber optic systym if the loop is down it will say no changer also there might be no sound u need to see if theres sound when it reads no changer if there is sound and all else workks u might just have a faulty changer

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