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Is there anyway that you can make your baby move more without hurting her?

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Some babies are more active than others. If your baby is moving within the "standard", then I wouldn't worry or try to make her move any more. Sometimes you won't feel her moving when you are busy doing things even if she is, so if you want to feel her move for your peace of mind, then eat a light snack such as a piece of fruit or milk, then lay on your left side and rest until you feel her moving. If you do this within several hours and still don't feel her move, contact your doctor. He/She may want to perform a non-stress test to put your mind at ease. Take care. You can gently press on your tummy in different spots to make the baby move. It isn't something that needs to be done, but it won't hurt the baby. If it hurts you, then it's too hard. And sometimes just relaxing with your feet up will make the baby move around. if you put headphones on your belly with some Classical Music, (which helps with brain development) or any other kind of music, it helps...

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