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I just did this on my wifes 03 Acura and I just removed the filler tube for the washer fluid and pushed it to the side, Then remove the rubber boot and then there is a retainer ring that you have to remove and it came right out didn't remove the battery for the low beam for the high you may have to remove it

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โˆ™ 2006-05-22 11:19:26
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Q: Is there anyway to change the driver's side headlight bulb without taking out the battery on an '02 RSX?
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How do you replace the passenger side headlight bulb without removing the battery?

This is yet another Jeep engineering SNAFU that makes me crazy and instead of getting up on a soapbox again about those sort of things I'll just answer the question. There is no other way to change the lightbulb unless you have small hands and don't mind scraping the skin off your small hands on the sharp sheet metal. I've done it both ways and I bled all over. So......take your pick and look at the battery removal option as an opportunity to do some preventive maintenance on your battery tie downs and cables. They could probably use it anyway. Good luck !!!

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