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Usually, a computer is sold with the minimum amount of Random Access Memory installed for the computer to work properly. Increasing the amount of memory will usually result in much faster processing. If that is not sufficient, it may be possible to overclock the processor, but that is extremely dangerous, and can result in the processor burning up. Do not attempt this without skilled assistance.

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Most computers should automatically recognize your iPod as a drive, anyway, without iTunes.

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Is there anyway to tell if someone has logged into your computer from a remote location?

By installing a good firewall you will be alerted when someone is logging into your computer.

Can you use a desktop processor in a laptop?

Some laptops have incorporated desktop processors, but these are generally inpractical. Processors for laptops are designed to be energy efficient and produce little heat, at the cost of some performance. These are generally not concerns for a desktop processor. Most laptop systems use a different socket than that of a desktop processor, so it is not usually possible to replace a laptop processor with its desktop equivalent, anyway.

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How do you shutdown someones computer using their IP address?

If you are the legitimate administrator of the (Windows) computer in question, you can do this using the Computer Management tool. If you are not, this is illegal (and the odds are you won't be able to anyway).