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Q: Is there ar max codes for night terror and colossus that work?
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How did they get the colossus computer to work?

using valves

Does the colossus work for boats in ikariam?

Yes, it does.

How did they get the colossus to work without software?

It did have software

How did colossus work without any software?

put 50p in okay

How did colossus work without transistors?

There were vacuum tubes before transistors

How did the Colossus work without any software?

Colossus worked by holes punched in a paper tape. It was programmed by switches and plugs. Colossus used thermionic valves (vacuum tubes) to perform Boolean and counting operations.

What is the DNA code for dharak colossus?

It's no use! I tried it once butt won't work! Because every dharak colossus has a different code!

Are there any pixie hollow diamond codes that work?

There are diamond codes that work, but they are not cheat codes. You would have to get them from a site that is working with Disney for a promotion. These codes only work once.

How do these imobster codes work exactely?

There are no codes for Imobsters.

How did they get colossus to work without software?

instine plugged in his hair- this is the myth that they tell and is believed to be true

Does the AR codes for Naruto ninja destiny work?

The codes the action replay gives you do NOT work.

Howrse- Promo codes?

The codes only work once before they don't work. Sorry.

How do ar codes work?

AR codes work by manually putting a code on or download it(depending which AR you have)

Does game shark codes work for action replay?

No, Gameshark codes won't work on Action Replay.

When was Night Work created?

Night Work was created in 2000.

Codes for babybottlepopcom cheat codes?

Cheat codes from have been tried but they really do not work.

Disney movie reward codes?

Codes are not live.. meaning they do not work.

Do gameshark code work on Pokemon Emerald on PC?

Yes, GameShark codes work in Pokemon Emerald for the PC. My codes work when I try them.

Does anyone have animal jam codes that really work?

The codes that I think actually work is explore2011 and treasure. I THINK.

How do you get japaniez codes to work on an American game on the action replay ds?

The codes won't work cause those codes are onley capible for the Jappaneese games.

Will codes work on a new game?


What do you do when you press the codes and it does not work?

Delete it

Why do wonder mail s codes in Pokemon explorers of sky not work?

If your using the older codes or codes from a diffrent version of the Pokemon games then that's why they don't work.

When are new DNA codes going to work?

They will work on 2009.

Does diamond codes work in platinum?

No They only work on Diamond