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Cornstarch or Corn flour (for thickening): 1 tablespoon = 2 tablespoons all purpose flour or

1 tablespoon potato starch or rice starch or flour 1 tablespoon arrowroot 2 tablespoons quick-cooking (instant) tapioca For other uses such as the main flour it's rather tricky I think it's best to only substitute Corn flour if it's for thickening.

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Can you substitute corn starch for corn flour?


Can you use corn flour as a substitute for all purpose flour?


Can you substitute corn flour for regular flour?

Not normally. Corn flour is very different from wheat flour. It would work as a thickener in the same way although the taste would be somewhat different, but in baking you could not substitute corn flour for wheat flour.

Can you substitute corn starch for flour in a cake?


What is a substitute for bread flour?

corn meal

How do you substitute corn starch for flour?

you put corn starch in the recipe instead of flour by using the corn starch bag

How do you substitute flour for corn starch?

Flour and corn starch are measured the same, but the results aren't always the same.

Can you substitute corn starch for tapioca flour?

yes you can

Can corn flour be used instead of gram flour in cooking?

No, cornflour would not substitute for gram flour.

Corn flour substitute?

A good substitute for corn flour if is being used for thickening, is potato starch. You can also use regular flour that has been mixed and cooked with a small amount of butter in a skillet beforehand.

Can you substitute corn flour for custard flour?

Yes you can but many people use cornstarch.

Can you substitute normal flour for corn flour?

Yes but it won't be as good, most likely.

Substitute corn starch for flour?

For thickening stuff, yes.

Can you substitute cor flour for rice flour?

I assume you mean corn flour. No, corn flour and rice flour have radically different textures, especially after being cooked. If this is not a concern then you might try it. *note: corn flour in the US is masa harina (powdered corn meal), whereas, in the UK corn flour is corn starch, actually a sugar rather than a grain flour.

What can you substitute for corn flower?

Any other shade of bluish-grey.If you mean corn flour... you could substitute some other kind of flour, but it will taste different and may not work as well.

Can Use plain flour substitute corn flour?

Not effectively. Wheat flour has a more gluten, absorbs less water, has different nutritional value and less tastes than corn flour.

Can you substitute corn flour for semolina?

yes, but it will taste more like corn and less like semolina.

In a cake can you substitute all purpose flour for corn startch?

No. The corn starch is added to make a finer, lighter crumb, which cannot be achieved with flour alone.

What gluten free flour do you substitute for white flour?

It depends, you can use corn flour, rice flour, or even vanilla cake mix as a flour if you are making cookies :)

Can you substitute corn starch for flour in crumb topping?

yes if it is in a small amount

What is gram flour and what can you substitute for it?

I think what you're referring to is "what is garam flour". This is a flour that is made of ground-up chickpeas. The flour can be substituted with a gluten-free flour, such as corn flour and the like.

Can you substitute corn starch for flour?

Yes, you can. 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour equals 1 tablespoon cornstarch.

Can you substitute corn starch for flour in a pie crust?

No. I can't even imagine how that would come out.

Can you substitute pancake mix for corn starch?

No, corn starch is too sticky and thin so you can not substitute wheat flour based pancake mix for cornstarch, but you can combine it with a little wheat flour, baking soda and water for a creamier and somewhat sloppier pancake.

Is there any difference between corn syrup and corn flour?

Yes, corn syrup is a sweet liquid - it's the same as glucose syrup. Whereas cornflour is a white powder (used for thickening sauces), and is not sweet in the same way that corn syrup is. Corn syrup is entirely sugar based (like molasses), whereas corn flour is a flour. Corn syrup and corn flour are not interchangable, (in the same way that you would not substitute honey for wheatflour).