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This would only be abnormal if the spotting on the eighth day is bright red.

Actually, I have always happened this to me - bleeding for 5 days, not bleeding one day, and then bleeding bright red and a lot for another 2 days. What it meant for me was that I have an inverted (heart shaped) uterus. This causes the disruption in bleeding. At least that's what I was told.

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What are menstrual disorders?

A menstrual disorder is a physical or emotional problem that interferes with the normal menstrual cycle, causing pain, unusually heavy or light bleeding, delayed menarche, or missed periods.

What STD causes spotting?

While vaginal spotting can be a relatively normal thing for a woman to experience, if it is not typical of your menstrual cycle, you should consult with your physician. Sometimes, menstrual spotting is the result of an underlying problem or infection. * Menstrual spotting that is irregular and not typical of your cycle can be the result of a sexually transmitted infection or disease (STI/STD), and without treatment, it will not go away on its own. Common STIs that have been known to cause spotting include bacterial infections such as chlamydia or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). * If you're experiencing irregular spotting between periods, it's important you see a medical practitioner so they can determine if testing is necessary. Even if the spotting stops, testing for sexually transmitted infections is still a good idea, because bacterial infections will not go away without treatment even when/if the symptoms subside, and without treatment, prolonged infections can cause irreversible damage to the reproductive system.

You got your periods three times this month what can be the problem?

you are not ovulating and u are getting breakthru bleeding. random spotting that marks the end of an anovulatory cycle

Can the changes in weather make you spot in between menstrual cycles?

No. Weather has nothing to do with spotting. Your period is dependent on hormones within your body. You may have a problem go see a doctor.

How do you stop spotting between periods?

It depends on why you are spotting between periods. If you're in your teens hormonal imbalance is the most likely culprit, in fact at any age hormonal imbalance is the likely problem - you should talk to your doctor about investigating the cause and look into treatment options. Sometimes spotting can be a result of an STI so if you are sexually active make sure you're up to date with screenings.

Can you get your menstrual cycle twice in a month?

It is possible to have your period twice in one month, but you should see a gynecologist right away if you are having a period this often. You might need to be put on birth control to help regulate your periods. It is common among young women to have unpredictable periods. The best bet is to see your gynecologist to make sure you are healthy. I have a problem about my daughter menstrual period. she is the age 16years old. why one month twice the come menstrual period . That is my problem about my daughter she said me.

My girl friend i s period now and it stopped after one day what seem to be the problem and what can caused that?

You may have irregular or stopped menstrual periods,if you have high levels of stress.

What is the Chance of getting a period while pregnant?

Many women experience spotting or periods during early pregnancy, its not a certain sign of a problem, but you should see a doctor to be certain.

Is spotting really a positive sign of pregnancy?

Yes, but not a very reliable one. You see, spotting when you are pregnant is caused by implantation bleeding which occurs around the date of when your period should be. The problem for people with light periods is that they can mistake it for a period. Another problem is that many women spot during ovulation, so you could just be ovulating

Does menstrual cramps affect fertility?

No, menstrual cramps are a symptom of a problem not the cause of a problem. Menstrual cramps are most commonly a result of hormonal imbalance, but if severe ask your doctor for tests.

Is it normal to have periods afte 45 days?

Yes, it's normal to have periods after 45 days. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days but everyone is different and there's no problem if your cycle is longer than average. It's also normal for menstrual cycles lengths to vary over time, so your cycles may not always be 45 days long.

Is it ok if your period every month is so heavy?

Whether a heavy period is a problem or not depends on how heavy the menstrual flow is, some women do have heavier periods without it being an indication of a health problem - it's also normal for teens to have heavier flow. If you leak through the most absorbent tampon, menstrual cup, softcup, or menstrual pad within 1 hour then it is a concern that you should discuss with a doctor.

Is it possible to be pregnant if you had your period march and continue spotting but don't have one in April and you are still spotting and got a neg pregnancy test a day before your period?

Hello. The only way to be certain without a doubt if your pregnant, is by having a pregnancy blood test. The test you need is QUANTITATIVE BETA HCG. You will need to ask your doctor specifically for this blood test. The spotting may be pregnancy related but its very difficult to say. You may be going through irregular periods or have a hormonal problem hich would inturn cause spotting periods.

Why would you have bleeding a week after your mentsral period and having an IUD?

Spotting between periods is a common side effect on IUDs in the first few months of use. This problem usually improves with time.

Can one dance when they have menstrual?

Of course. No problem.

What is the reason why you don't have my menstrual period for three months even if I'm not pregnant?

I have the same problem... they diagnosed it as polycystic ovarian syndrome. In order to regulate the periods they may put you on birth control.

What evaluations will a woman have who is experiencing menstrual irregularities have?

Depending on the problem, various tests and procedures will be performed, but the one common to any menstrual problem is a pelvic exam.

What does it mean if you are spotting brown blood and have irregular periods and sore breasts?

I would go to the doctor if i were you. Best of luck. you could be pregnant but there might be a problem. I had brown spotting which lead to a period and i miscarried. You need to go to the doctor and get an ultrasound done and blood tests best of luck Brown blood means old blood. This can be a indication of pregnancy. See your doctor for a blood test because of your irregular periods.

Can a tiny red line in your discharge be called spotting?

Yes, it could. Spotting shouldn't be a problem unless your doctor says it is.

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What are the problem of comparison of national income between time periods?

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Could you be pregnant if you missed your periods for two months but then started spotting with tiny clots recently?

Not having your period for 2 months and finally spotting with clots could mean several different things. Either you could be pregnant, or your period is irregular. Irregular periods could be a sign of either stress or health problem. You should get checked out just to be sure because if pregnancy is the case, you don't want to risk hurting the baby by avoiding the doctor.

If you are over a week late for your period and experiencing brown spotting for 3 days is this something to worry about?

Are you on birth control? If you are this can cause your periods to act this way.But it is always best to talk to your doctor. There could be a chance you are pregnate and having a problem.

You have spotting 10 days before period is due what could the problem be?

Could mean your pregnant that’s what first comes to mind but it could be any number of things or just nothing a lot of woman and I mean a lot have irregular periods

Your period this month was dirty dark blood and less in amount please what is d cause?

Changes in menstrual periods can happen for many reasons. Dark blood in scant amounts might be a sign of a problem and should be evaluated by a doctor.