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If you vaporize below 392 degrees (200 Celsius), no benzene will be emitted. If you burning it, benzene is being released.

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Q: Is there benzene in marijuana?
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What is the isolation of benzene?

Separation of benzene from a mixture is isolation of benzene.

Which is most reactive ethyne or benzene?


How do you convert benzene into propyl benzene?

benzene with 2~chloropropane in presence of aluminiumchloride

Is benzene a mixture?

No, benzene is a compound

What is pH of benzene?

Benzene has not a pH.

How can convert ethyl benzene to benzene?

Oxidation (with KMnO4) then decarboxylation (with soda lime) of ethyl benzene gives methyl benzene (Toluene) the repetition of same processes with mthylbenzene gives the benzene.

What is structure of benzene triozonide?

Benzene triozonide is the combination of Benzene and triozonide. Benzene is three molecule of each chlorine and hydrogen and the addition of three molecules of ozone creates Benzene triozonide.

What are the pros and cons of using benzene?

The pros of benzene is apple and the cons of benzene is banana.

Is benzene an element or a compound?

Benzene is a compound.

What is more volatile benzene or toluene?


Is benzene an alkyne?

No. Benzene is a aromatic compound.

Is benzene compound or mixture?

Benzene is a compound.

Is benzene a metal?

Benzene is a liquid, not a metal.

What is the number of carbon atoms in a benzene ring is?

There are six carbons in a Benzene ring. (benzene = C6H6)

Is benzene an alcohol?

Benzene in not an alcohol, because it does not contain an OH element. Benzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon.

What is the empirical formula for benzene?

the molecular formula of benzene is C6H6 the empirical formula of benzene is CH.

What is the reaction of benzene with HCl?

if benzene reacts with HCl then it will lose its aromaticity

What is the molecular mass of methyl-benzene?

The molecular mass of the methyl benzene (toluene) is 92,1381.

The density of benzene at 15 is 0.8787 Calculate the mass of 0.1900 of benzene at this temperature?

The density of benzene at 15 is 0.8787 . Calculate the mass of 0.1800 of benzene at this temperature.

What is the IUPAC name of benzene?

The IUPAC name for Benzene is Benzene. It forms the basis for other IUPAC-named benzene derivatives like 1,2-dimethylbenzene etc.Benzene as a substituent group is called the phenyl group. (e.g. phenylethylamine)IUPAC name of Benzene is 1,3,5-cyclohexatriene.

Which is the upper layer between water and benzene?


What is the empirical formula for acetylene and benzene?

Benzene is C6H12

Is Benzene a polar solvent?

Benzene is non-polar.

Is a benzene ring polar?

Benzene ring is nonpolar.

How do you convert benzene to phenylacetylene?

convert benzene to phenylacetylene