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There can be but usually not. Only 2/10 bleeds. The main reason is not enough lubrication.

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Does the vagina changes when a girl looses her virginity?

no it wont

Why does sex hurt the first time for a girl?

Because the girls hymen breaks, she looses her virginity.

Is it normal for a girl to get dizzy when she looses her virginity?

No it is not I already lost mine and it is not normal for getting dizzy when you loose your virginity. I hope this helped a little bit, but if not I'm sorry

How you know a girl is virgin or not from outside?

There is no way to tell this. Outside a girl does not physically change when she looses her virginity. The only way to know is to ask her or to take her to a doctor.

Blood comes out when girl lose her virginity?

Not always. Many do not.

Does it hurt when a girl looses their virginity?

No, it may hurt a little but after a while it starts to feel really really good. It won't hurt a lot

How much does a woman bleed when she looses her virginity?

I lost my virginity yesterday, and I lost not that much blood and not that less if you get what I mean ... It depends on the person I guess now I'm just scared if I get pregnant cos the condom ripped :/

What does poped your cherry mean?

well summed up it means the girl lost her virginity, when a girl looses it she may bleed (most girls do), but because she bleeds it gets the name poped your cherry.

Can a girl lose her virginity an lose a lot of blood?

No, it is normal to see a little blood for the first time, but not much.

Can the virginity of a girl be detected?

Yes.. a doctor can see if a girl has or has not lost her Virginity

Does blood come out when a girl loses her virginity?

for the first time yes. because she is breaking tissue.

Is there a possibility that woman looses her virginity if man's finger is put in her vagina?

He can break the hymen but you can only loose your virginity of you have sexual intercourse. The hymen can break anytime.

Can girl loss her virginity when fingering?

Virginity is not about masturbation. It requires a partner to lose your virginity.

Is 15 a good age to lose your virginity?

The majority of kids in the USA and Europe looses their virginity at 15-17yo but it's up to you. Just do it because you want to and protect yourself.

Why is a virgin referred to as a cherry?

Answer When a woman or girl looses their virginity it is considered that you took her cherry as she bleeds if you break her hymen. That's the only way to know if she is really a virgin besides having her checked out by a doctor.

What happens when a girl looses her virginity?

nothing. she just isn't a virgin. and she might be pregnant. ______________ i dis agree, actually virginity in basicly the first time someone else streches the hymen, a mucle in your vagina, some girls experience bleeding because there hymen is much smaller than their partner

What is a girl cherry?

Her virginity.

Can a girl lose virginity because of licking?

No. It takes a man's penis in a girl's vagina for a girl to lose her virginity.

If you lose blood does that mean you lost your virginity?

Losing blood does not signify loss of virginity and has nothing to do with it; engaging in sexual intercourse for the first time signifies a person has lost their virginity.

How does a girl lose her virginity?

By having sexual intercourse; the same is with a guy.a man has sex with her for the first time and who ever did that took her vrginity.====================================================The point of loosing of one's virginity is an opinionSome say erotic kissing and self masturbation is a loss of one's virginity.Some say the loosing of your virginity is fingering.Some say if oral sex is involved, your virginity is goneSome saying if a person is sexually assaulted, the victim looses his/her virginity.Some say it's when a two people have penis/vagina sexual intercourse, but that is illogical because it that is true then homosexuals could have sex many times and still be called a virgin.I THINK the best answer would be to say if you freely do anything sexual with another person, you loose your virginity, but then again, you have to descide what is virginity to you.When a girl do sex with a boy on first time then the girl pussy was broke by boy,s dildo it s called girl lose her virginty

Can a guy lose his virginity to a girl?

Yes, a male (guy) can lose his virginity to a female (girl) by having sexual intercourse.

When a female looses her virginity does her vagina swell up?

That will depend. To me, the "virginity" is mostly when the girl have sexual activities for her first time with another person. If just so, my answer is no.But be aware that some girls are allergic to latex, which are very common in condoms.This might make the vagina, (labia etc.) swell up.- hope you can use the answer.

How can a girl take her girlfriend virginity away from her?

She can't. Virginity is taken by sexual intercourse.

Is feeling sick normal after a girl loses her virginity?

No it is not normal for a girl to feel sick , after loosing her virginity. ur knocked up

How a man looses his virginity?

Still the answer to be found by the sex experts of this question, but unfortunately there has not been observed any physical sign of men loosing their virginity as women have several physical signs of loosing their virginity, like rapturing the hymen, getting pregnent etc etc.