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Everything is relative. The sunlight reaching Jupiter is dimmer than that which reaches the earth because it is further away.

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Does jupiter have bright or dim sunlight?

Bright. Because you can sometimes see it in the night sky.

Is there bright or dim sunlight on Saturn?


Does Uranus have bright or dim sunlight?

Uranus has very dim sunlight. The planet does not have bright sunlight because of its extreme distance from the sun.

Is there bright or dim sunlight Mars?


Does Saturn have bright or dim sunlight?


Does Ceres have a bright or dim sunlight?

it has bright

Does Neptune have bright or dim sunlight?

the planet Neptune gets dim sunlight

Does Callisto have bright or dim sunlight?

Because of its distance from the Sun, it has dim sunlight.

Does Saturn have a bright or dim light?

It has dim sunlight.

Does Mercury have bright or dim sunlight?

Mercury's sunlight is very bright because it is closest to the sun.

Does get Mercury dim sunlight or bright sunlight?

Mercury gets very bright sunlight as it is much closer to the sun than we are.

Is there bright or dim sunlight on Mars?

it is very bright on mars because of the sun

Is there bright or dim sunlight on the moon?

The moon is the same distance from the sun as the earth. But since the moon has no atmosphere, slightly more sunlight reaches the surface. So the sun would look bright on the moon.

Does Venus have bright or dim sunlight?

Very bright at the cloud tops; still fairly bright at the surface. The clouds cover the planet and little light shines through. most light is above the clouds

Is the words bright and dim synonym or antonym?

the words bright and dim are antonyms because they are opposites

What is the opposite of dim?

The word opposite to the word dim is bright.

Is Neptune bright light or dim?

It is dim - too dim to be seen by the naked eye.

On Mars is bright or dim sunlight?

Sunlight on Mars is about half as bright as on Earth, because of the longer distance from the Sun. However, Mars has very little atmosphere, and so the dimming effects of air and clouds are absent. The net effect is that sunlight on Mars would appear to be to astronauts to be about the same as on Earth.

What does dim mean?

Dim means to make slightly darker. Dim is the opposite of bright, e.g. dim light or dim-witted. Dim means low or not bright If you are referring to a; Person-not smart/dumb Lights-low/ not very bright * If it isn't one of these it might be used referring to them! i have alot of friends that say dim or dem instead of saying them.

Opposite of bright?


What is a light that is not bright?


What is bright?

Something that is not dim.

What is the oppposite of bright?


Which starts are more common bright or dim?

Dim stars are far more common than bright ones. But because they are dim, we can't see them without good telescopes.

Antonym for bright?

Dim, dull.

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