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cheat codes for powerful pokemons at starting point of the game diamond and pearl


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i dont no get a better game like pokemon ranger pokemon diamon pearl or platinum or black white soul silver heart gold or gardian signs

You got to go to iron island and at the end of it you find it

You get it at the olivine city pokmon gym

Pokemon Are Not Evil they just faint the opjectson of the game is to beat the champion in the Pokemon league

Yes, there are Pokmon games available online. One of the best would have to be, which is free and allows you to do the same functions as the handheld version of Pokmon--catching, training, and battling, that is.

Tornadus, Landorous, Reshiram, Virizion, Terrakion, Cobalion, Kyurem, and Victini.

well dark type Pokemon are weak to Fighting types and Bug types

Yes, you may trade Pokemon from one Nintendo DS to another. However, there are limited Pokemon games which allow you to trade over the DS's wireless link. You may trade between Diamond or Pearl (even from Diamond to Diamond and Pearl to Pearl) but these two games cannot trade to any other Pokemon versions.There is a special exception where Pokemon Ranger has a link to Diamond/Pearl and it is rumoured that you can trade some Pokemon from Pokmon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (second version - yet to be released) to it.The Mystery Dungeon games can link Pokemon but not trade. You can certainly export a copy of your team or individual members, but not necessarily trade. Therefore, these games are also not able to trade over the DS.If you are playing a Pokemon GBA game, you will not be able to trade using the DS. It cannot support the GBA link cabe, nor can it establish a propper wireless network with any GBA Pokemon game in it. Thus, you may only trade Pokemon over a DS if you are trading to and from Diamond or Pearl.

The most rarest Pokemon card is original set kahangaskhan. Worth more then $1000 a piece.

There are two patterns in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. If the pattern is colored, it means the Pokemon may be found there. If white, however, there is no way of finding a Pokmon.

BLACK ONLY Route 10, Route 11 Victory Road, Village Bridge, Twist Mountain

find the hm (water fall)and search pokemon league and after defeating pokmon league master become pokemon collector and collect every pokemon and then professer will send you to moon by rocket to capture zirchi(pokemon)

you can't get the black flute in leaf green but you can in Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald then trade it to leaf green.

no, blaziken is a third generation Pokemon (region: hoenn) and the third form of the starter torchic in rby/spr/emld

with a gameshark or action replay

i beat that gym with pokemon in their high 20s but i had a full team at that point, ideally you want your pokmon to be mid level 30s.

You can't. The only possible way you can get zekrom in Pokemon black is trading with somebody in pokmon white, in which you would need wireless communications, which some people don't have. hope this helps! :o)

yes there is. just fly there if you can

it is ho hoa the lengendary bird

You can download it at 4 SHARED.

Well all of the first 150 except the other two starters and the ekans, oddish, mankey,& growlithe evolution lines& scyther&electabuzz

well you have to have mewtow and change one to zacrom and then get a pekachu and get 6 enrgy cards and then get one more mew tow and leave it how it is and get i traner and that would be how to do it

they are at the top of mirage tower in the desert

the Pokemon that evolve with leaf stone are: -gloom into vileplume -weepinbell into victreebel -exeggcute into exegutor -nuzleaf into shiftry I hope this helps i did it out of a completed pokedex. thanks a million :) Approved by KS

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