Is there different breeds of goldfish?


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There are many different breeds of goldfish. Some examples are ryukins, telescope, fantail, veiltail, ribbontail, ranchus and even common

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they need to be around the same size but they can be different breeds

Some common breeds of goldfish are: the Black Moor goldfish, the Ryunkin goldfish, the comet goldfish, the common goldfish, the Calico Fantail goldfish, the telescope eye goldfish, the bubble eye goldfish, the pearl scale goldfish and the Oranda goldfish.

there are three basic breeds: fantail goldfish, comet goldfish, and common goldfish. if you are getting goldfish for the first time, i would recommend common goldfish as they need the least care.

Goldfish is the common name for a freshwater fish.You have several different types of goldfish two examples:Commons. and Shubunkins plus plenty is a picture of different breeds of goldfish.

Yes there are many different breeds of golfish in many combinations of colours.

Other goldfish and clown fish in particular.

I have 8 goldfish and I believe you should not have a mix of those two fish breeds because they like different water temps., food, and other things. I believe you shouldn't get another goldfish.

Trout, Common goldfish, shubunkin, comet, pike, shark, clownfish, jellyfish! There are loads!

There ancestors are gold... different colored traits over time dominated the classic gold color, while in some breeds, the gold color will dominate during the trait selecting process

There are 20 or so different varieties of goldfish. Currently, there are about 200 breeds of goldfish recognized in China.CommonJikinBubble eyeCometFantailWakinLionheadOrandaCurled-gillNymphPearlscalePompomEggfishRanchuRyukinShubunkinTelescopeTosakinVeiltailCelestial eyeThere are several other crossbreeds my personal favorite is the calico.

Fantail goldfish are a hardy breed, strong swimmers and they compete well for food with the ryukin, shubunkin, comet or common goldfish; making these goldfish breeds good tank mates for your fantail goldfish.

yes they can. all goldfish can breed with each other. that's y we have so many breeds today

Here are some facts about goldfish 1. goldfish can live for many years some can only live up to 25 years. 2. there are severl breeds of goldfish. 3. goldfish talk to other goldfish by there gurlls. 4.goldfish can talk to humans but you can tell

There is over 21 different types of goldfish.

Yes, there's lots of different breeds.

there are over 21 different kinds of goldfish species.

There aren't five different breeds there are hundreds.

there are over 500 different breeds

157 different types of dog breeds

No, goldfish are best with goldfish. In addition, tilapia have different needs and are quite likely to be aggressive towards the goldfish.

There are over 600 different dog breeds.

Yes, i Think About 50-80 Different Breeds

The average number of eggs layed by goldfish during spawning season is about 5,000. Since goldfish are domestic animals it is entirely up to the goldfish to decide how many of those eggs/fry grow into adult goldfish. Most professional goldfish breeds will choose about 50-100 of the best looking fry to grow into adult fish.

Different types of goldfish food typically don't affect the colour of goldfish, however there are some specific goldfish foods that may enhance the color of goldfish- but do not change its overall color.

goldfish are not always one color because they have different species. Also, goldfish can change colors over time. They won't always be gold or maybe they won't always be white or whatever color your goldfish is.

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