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yes there is different types of softball. There is fast-pitch and there is slow-pitch softball.


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A baseball is smaller than a softball softball- first base looks different Pitch underhand Baseball- overhand

softball has a bigger ball and despite its name, the official softball is the same hard as a baseball also, the ball is pitched underarm in softball

Softball and baseball are different for several reasons. First off the ball size of a softball and baseball are different. A softball is bigger than a baseball. Also a softball is yellow and a baseball is white. Also the dimensions of the field are different. In softball the bases are 60 ft apart and the baseball bases are 90 ft apart. The fences vary and the pitchers mounds for different leagues in both, but in baseball both the pitching mound and the fences tend to be a further than in softball. The pitching motions of the two are also different. In baseball one pitches overhand and in softball they pitch underhand. The games have the same basics concept, but differ a great deal.

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yes its very different cause in softball you pitch underhanded and base ball its ver handed

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No it is not. The only difference between softball and baseball. Is that there is a different ball for each sport.

The rules aren't that different actually. Softball and baseball are nearly the same sport, with just a few minor differences.

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in softball you throw under hand in baseball you throw over hand. usually the fields in baseball are bigger than in softball.

Yes because say you have, "There are different 'versions' of this game." Versions would be referring to game.

Softball is played with a bigger ball, on a smaller field, different pitching tecnique, bigger bats and there isn't Pro softball unless you travel to a different country to play, like Meghan Denny did. Plus, I play and live right next to her!!

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Well I play softball and the name softball I say is to make the boys jelous because they have to use the really small balls and we have the larger ones but the hardness of them are the same but hte wieght is a different story.

NCAA and NPF use a 12" diameter softball however, there are many other different sizes.

softball has a bigger ball, the oitcher pitches different, and the bases are closer.

It all depends. Baseball and softball pitching mechanics are way different.

no the softball is much bigger and different. you use your index, middle, ring, and pinky(for support) and your thumb to pitch. softball and baseball has the nsame pitches, but different ways to do it. trust me I'm a softball player :) and a pitcher:) and a hitting slugger:)

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