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No, smokeless tobacco does not contain fiberglass or any other additives meant to "tear or rip" the mucosa (lining of the mouth) to allow for nicotine to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Mucous membranes, like that which lines the mouth, are thin and meant to allow for substances to pass through them and into the bloodstream. Many medications, such as nitroglycerine for people with angina, are designed to be absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth to get into the blood stream. The nicotine in smokeless tobacco can cross into the bloodstream to get to the brain without any help or cuts or tears in the mucosa.

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Q: Is there fiberglass in chewing tobacco?
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Does red man chewing tobacco have fiberglass in it?

no its good

How long do you have to wait to chew tobacco after you have tour wisdom teeth pulled?

Wait till your mouth fully heals. Chewing tobacco contains fiberglass, wouldn't want fiberglass in your gums would you :)

Does chewing tobacco have nicotine?

AnswerYes, there is nicotine in chewing tobacco.The urban myth that there is fiberglass in the tobacco to speed up nicotine delivery has been widely debunked! The glass fibers were said to make tiny cuts in your gums and mouth lining to let the nicotine get into your blood easier.The stiffer parts of the tobacco leaf - the shaft and it does the same thing as fiberglass might.

What is the name of chewing tobacco?

Chewing tobacco MECOTE

What is the difference between chewing tobacco and cigarette tobacco?

You chew chewing tobacco. You smoke cigarettes. And chewing tobacco is much more addictive.

What are the effect of chewing tobacco on body?

effect of chewing tobacco on diebets

What is a lump of chewing tobacco?

A lump of chewing tobacco is called a quid. A variant of the word: cud quid - (noun) a lump of chewing tobacco

Can you take chewing tobacco on a cruise?

Yes. Cruises do not ban chewing tobacco.

Tobacco that are not smoked such as chewing tobacco?

smokeless tobacco

Does smokeless tobacco have fiberglass in it?


Is there fiberglass in any tabocco products?

No there is not any fiberglass in tobacco plants.

What is in smokeless tobacco?

Chewing tobacco is called smokeless tobacco

What is in dip tobacco?

Slang for chewing tobacco

What president had a tobacco chewing ram?

which president had a chewing tobacco ram ? quid pro quo

Why is chewing tobacco so dangerous?

Chewing tobacco is dangerous because it can give you mouth cancer.

Does Levi Garrett chewing tobacco contain nicotine?

If Levi Garrett chewing tobacco is made from tobacco, obviously it contains nicotine.

Is fiberglass in dipping tobacco?

Of course

Does chewing tobacco contain glass?

There has been rumors of chewing tobacco companies putting fiberglass in their chew, therefore cutting one's lip to improve nicotine consumption. I've tried looking it up online but cannot find a legitimate answer. In my own opinion, I would say no, but that's just an opinion.

Is chewing tobacco bad for your jaws?

Yes, Chewing Tobacco is very bad for you're jaws. Chewing Tobacco has little pieces of glass or sharp wood chips in it. Once you put Chewing tobacco in you're mouth the glass or wood chips make cuts in your gums and the nicotine inside flows into you're blood. Chewing Tobacco can be very bad for your jaws and everyone should stay away from it. Although, chewing tobacco does treat everyone different, you never know you're consequences, so if I were you, I would stay away from Chewing Tobacco.

Chewing tobacco is a healthier alternative to smoking. true or false?

Chewing tobacco is harmful and addictive

Does chewing tobacco give a false DNA test?

No. Chewing tobacco does not give a false DNA test.

What do baseball players spit?

Tobacco. Chewing tobacco.

What are by product of tobacco?

They are bhedis cigarettes. and chewing tobacco.

What products can be made from tobacco?

Cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

Can smoking chewing tobacco get you high?

no, that is stupid. if you want to smoke tobacco, cigarretes would be the best choice. chewing tobacco is to moist to smoke.