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the earth is going to end tomorrow i Love to spell i hat to sing

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How is food made on Saturn?

There is no food made on Saturn

What kind of food do they eat on Saturn?

Nobody eats food on saturn!! There is no life there!!! Howlingwolf

How does food taste in Saturn?

The only food on, in, or around Saturn would be food that you had brought along with you on a trip there. So it ought to taste pretty much the same as it does here.

What you will need on Saturn?

oxygen water food

What forms of food are available on Saturn?


Does Saturn have food?

There is no food as we think of it on Saturn. Saturn does not have any land - it is a gas giant. It is mostly something like our air most of the way through, but its gases are mostly terrible and we could not breathe them without instantly dying.

Is the a lot of food source on Saturn?

yes it have a lot

Can you live on Saturn why or why not?

no because there is no air so that knocked that out no food no water ok

If you were ever to visit Saturn what would you need?

A lot of food , oxygen and water.

Why can't Saturn support life?

because there is no air to breathe or solid ground to plant food on.

What do need to visit Saturn?

you would need water, food, an oxygen tank, and a space suit.

What do the rings of Saturn do for Saturn?

The rings of Saturn orbits Saturn

Does Saturn have oxeygen?

No Saturn do not have oxygen

How do you spell Saturn?

Saturn is spelled Saturn.

Why isn't there life on Saturn?

There isnt life on Saturn because it is too cold and humans/animals wouldnt be able to breathe do to the lack of oxygen. There isnt any water or food so that is the end of that!

What would human survival be like on Saturn?

ON SATURN?!? Impossible. NEAR Saturn, such as on Titan? Quite feasible. You would need a sealed habitat similar to a spaceship or the Space Station, with power, food, water.... OK, there probably will be water available on Titan. But possible, with enough power.

Why is planet Saturn named Saturn?

Saturn is named after a roman god named saturn

What is the fact about Saturn?

Saturn has rings around it which the orbits Saturn.

Why was Saturn named Saturn?

because it is farther out then Jupiter Saturn got its name from Saturn a roman god. Saturn was jupiters father

What is the definition word for 'Saturn'?

Saturn is simply named after the Roman God of agriculture "Saturn".

Is Saturn bigger than Saturn?

OF COURSE!!!! The planet Saturn is bigger than the god Saturn.

Why was the Saturn v rocket called the Saturn v rocket?

It was the fifth rocket in the Saturn-class, named after the planet Saturn, or the Mythological god Saturn.

Why does Venus need it's ring?

Venus does not have a ring, Saturn does.Venus does not have a ring, Saturn does.Venus does not have a ring, Saturn does.Venus does not have a ring, Saturn does.Venus does not have a ring, Saturn does.Venus does not have a ring, Saturn does.

Can you grow food on planet Saturn?

No, temperatures are much too low, as well as a host of other adverse conditions.

Is Saturn rocky or gaseous?

Saturn is not a gaseous, Saturn is rocky

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