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Is there going to be a new Mortal Kombat game?

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Yes.their is going to be a new mortal kombat game coming this 2011

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What is the new mortal kombat game?

The 9th game in the series which will be released in 2011 is simply known as Mortal Kombat. The latest which has been released is Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe. mortal kombat will be released on April 19 2011

What is the best mortal kombat game?

The best one is the new Mortal Kombat 9,but until then Mortal Kombat armaggedon is.

What is the new mortal kombat called?

Mortal Kombat

Will there ever be a new Mortal Kombat game?


Where does the new Mortal Kombat come out?

The new Mortal Kombat comes out April 19th!

Is there more new Mortal Kombat video games?

Midway games gone bankrupt that's why they havnt made any mortal kombat games but warner brothers bought out the company and will be realisng a new mortal kombat game 2011

Are they going to make a new Mortal Kombat?

yes, for right now its called mortal kombat 9, the characters and theme havent been revealed yet

Will there be a new mortal kombat on the wii?

Because Mortal Kombat is really bloody, maybe not

Where can you get the demo to the new Mortal Kombat game?

yes only on playstation store

Will there be character creation in the new Mortal Kombat?


Are they making a new mortal kombat?

yes, its called mortal kombat 9 for right now, nothing else its revealed yet

Who are the females models as Sonya Kitana and Mileena for the new Mortal Kombat video game?

ball sack

Is Mortal Kombat vs dc universe the last Mortal Kombat?

"Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe" is not the final game in the franchise. Since it received great reviews and poor sales, MK's former publisher/distributor Midway Games is bankrupt and filed for liquidation on February 2009. As of right now, Warner Bros. acquired the rights to "Mortal Kombat" and now it will be releasing a new MK 9th game scheduled to released in 2010.

How much does mortal kombat cost?

Depends on what game you're getting, what platform the game is for, and whether you're getting it new or used

When will a new Mortal kombat come out?

the new one will come out in 2010

When is the new Mortal Kombat movie coming out?

yes it is in 2012

When does the new Mortal Kombat movie come out?

June 2014

How famous is the game Mortal Kombat?

It is pretty famous as of 2011 Now MK XL is coming out with a lot of new characters.

Is the Mortal Kombat 2011 game plot a new beginning replacing the first one of the series?

No the entire game is a retelling of the first three games.

How do you save game on Mortal Kombat 9?

first you set your xbox or ps3 on turbo by going to the menu and go to options thengo to turbo which means the game will still save even know you set it to new game ant click resume and thats it .

Is there going to be another Mortal Kombat?

Yes the series isn't complete yet and a new one known as MK 9 will be released next year.

When is the new Mortal Kombat coming out?

well no date yet but they say sometime 2011.

How many chapters are there in the new 2011 Mortal Kombat story mode?

16 chapters

How do you unlock Tremor in Mortal Kombat Project 4.1?

You have to download him, and a new character select screen.

For the new Mortal Kombat movie will there be new actors playing the characters of the movie?

well from what i heard Tony Jaa from the film The Protector and Ong Bak is going to be playing Lui Kang and Angelina Julie is going to be playing Katana